Is it OK to Make Your Dog Vegetarian with Vegan Dog Chews?

It is possible for humans to live as vegans and have a perfect existence. When humans are vegans, they are free from a lot of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, etc. That is not all; a lot of issues that the average person that feeds on meat faces does not affect humans that feed on a vegan diet.

Just like humans, dogs are mammals. This has made a lot of people wonder if it is okay for a dog owner to make their dog vegan. While this question will be answered differently by different people, the truth remains that there is no perfect answer to the question; “is it okay to make your dog vegan.” The simple reason for this is the answer to this question is dependent on several factors.

To find out if it is okay for you to make your dog vegan, go on with this article.

Over the years, there have been a lot of arguments about what type of animal dogs are based on how they feed. Some people are of the idea that dogs are omnivores, while others believe that dogs are carnivores.

In as much as a lot of people might be more inclined to believe that dogs are carnivores, the fact remains that dogs have quite a number of attributes that suggest that they can best be described as omnivores.  Some of these attributes are; they can comfortably digest most carbohydrates, they have molars that possess flat surfaces that enable dogs to feed comfortably on plant-derived foods, as well as on bones, and they have an intestine that occupies about 23% of their gastrointestinal space.

All these points to one fact, dogs are not carnivores but were designed to be omnivores. This brings a question to mind; if dogs were designed to be omnivores, will they do very well feeding on vegan dog treats?

The fact that humans are naturally omnivores but can do very well on a vegan diet suggests that dogs can also cope with a vegan diet. While this is partly true, it is a lot dependent on the dog involved.  If the dog involved has a lot of issues with food allergies, then, it might do very well when fed with a vegan diet. But if it does not have any food allergies, a vegan diet might not be the best for it.

There is nothing wrong with feeding your dog a vegan diet. But if you must feed your dog strictly on vegan diets, you will need to do a lot of work. Sometimes, few dogs run away because of vegan diets. In this case, you can report a stray dog. Well, the first thing you will need to do is carry out tons of research on what it takes to provide all that a dog needs to live a healthy life by just feeding it with a vegan diet.

Secondly, you will have to work with a pet nutritionist. And thirdly, you have to buy well-trusted vegan food brands. If you plan to make your dog’s meal at home, you might not be able to provide what it needs in the absence of supplements.


If you do your research correctly, you can provide all that your dog needs without feeding it with meat. This implies that dogs can be fed on a vegan diet.

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