Is Hair Loss in Men Different Than Women? Understanding the Gender-Specific Aspects of Hair Loss


Both men and women can experience hair loss, though this condition is more common among men. Research indicates that hair loss could be related to genetics and hormonal changes. Learn how the best supplements for hair growth can help men and women slow or reverse hair loss.

Contributing Factors in Women vs. Men

Hair loss in women and men is thought to be related to variations of the androgen receptor gene. These variations can make hair follicles more sensitive to high levels of the androgen dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This testosterone byproduct is often present at lower levels in women than in men. Other hormonal factors involved in hair loss differ between women and men.

Women tend to experience hair loss about 10 to 15 years later in life than men, with this condition being most likely to affect postmenopausal women. People who have polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS are more likely to have elevated androgen levels and can experience hair loss at any age.

Men who are undergoing testosterone replacement therapy are more likely to lose hair, as higher testosterone levels lead to higher DHT levels. Other health conditions can lead to hair loss for women and men. Regardless of contributing factors, men are more likely to lose hair on the frontal hairline and crown of the head, while women may see diffuse thinning.

Treatment Approaches

The most common approach to treating hair loss involves using topical products. While formulas such as a Minoxidil-free hair serum can be effective when used alone, people who combine topical treatments with hair supplements are more likely to see better results in less time.

A dietary supplement that is formulated to lower DHT levels in women and men can be an effective approach to treating hair loss. The UnTangled Hair Supplement contains vitamins, minerals and proprietary blend of ingredients shown to jump start the hair growth cycle.

One consideration when comparing hair growth supplements is whether to take a Nutrafol dupe formulated especially for women or men. The gender-specific aspects of hair loss do not necessitate different supplements. Treating hair loss with a supplement that promotes keratin production in follicles can address the underlying causes of hair loss.

Combining Supplements and Topical Treatment

Combining a daily supplement with a topical oil-based serum that contains herbal extracts and other ingredients that promote hair growth is the most effective approach to treating hair loss. Customers who are deciding on the best supplement often end up comparing Wellbel vs Nutrafol. Both of these costly supplements have some significant ingredient gaps.

The UnTangled Hair Supplement combines the most effective ingredients found in other hair growth supplements with iron and pantothenic acid, which are essential for healthy hair. UnTangled is also more affordable than comparable treatments and is formulated to work with an effective topical Hair Serum.

Some aspects of hair loss differ between men and women. Anyone seeking to slow or reverse hair loss can benefit from taking the UnTangled Hair Supplement and using a Hair Serum formulated to promote new growth.




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