Is a bed frame just a pointless expense?

Have ever been shopping for a bed and wondered; “do I really need a bed frame?” Maybe your money could be better spent on a new TV or something more exciting. If you are on a budget, it would be tempting to just buy a mattress and call it a day. Why not? People in Japan have been sleeping on futons on the floor for centuries and continue to do so. Our ancestors slumbered on slaughtered animal hides on the cold hard ground, surely a bed frame just a pointless expense?

Well, unless your budget is extreme, you are best keeping your bed on a frame. It turns out, keeping your bed elevated has more than one game-changing advantage for your comfort and hygiene.

Give it some air.

A bed frame like the Wednesday Queen Bed from Domayne is simple, elegant, and keeps your mattress above the ground. The space underneath the bed frame allows air to circulate, preventing moisture from gathering. A dark, damp spot such as a mattress placed directly onto the floor is an ideal spawning pool for mold.

It seems common knowledge that we sweat out around a liter of fluids each and every night. Pretty gross sure, but fortunately not true. On a warm night during normal sleep, an average-sized adult will expire around 200ml of fluids, a far cry from a liter, but still a considerable amount over an 8-hour span.

Elevating your mattress with a metal bed frame like the Wednesday not only keeps mold away, it allows your mattress to keep aerated, fresh, and clean. If that wasn’t enough to validate a bed frame’s existence, they also serve to keep bugs away, as most creepy crawlies prefer dark, tight spaces.

Get up, stand up.

As we age, the benefits of a bed frame are clear. The added height of a bed frame allows us to get in and out of bed easier, perfect for inducing a night of restful sleep. Anyone with bad knees can attest to the advantages of an elevated bed.

Looks good.

A bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, right? With many beautiful designs available, why not chose one that compliments your room and makes you feel good using it every day? A bed frame changes the way your bedroom looks and feels. If you want simple, light, and classy, choose a bed frame like the Wednesday Queen. Want to live your Miami vice fantasies? Domayne sells a huge range of bed frames, including the Tiffany, an opulent nod to the 1980’s excess.

The height of a bed can play a part in the feel of your bedroom too; a lower bed can make a small room feel more spacious, while a tall bed makes a powerful statement and can give off royal, decadent vibes. There are so many different styles to choose from, why would you just leave your mattress on the floor?

Store it.

Unless you are blessed with a big bedroom, most of us hold space at a premium. No one wants a cluttered bedroom, and there’s only so much you can store in your wardrobe. Again, the humble bed frame proves its worth with ample storage underneath. A metal bed frame allows you to keep a large volume of items out of sight and out of your way.


So far, I have only spoken about the practical benefits of a bed frame. It stands to reason that a floor is harder to clean with a mattress plonked on top of it, but does a bed frame give us a better night’s sleep?

A bed frame with slats is like giving your mattress a spine. More support for your mattress means more support for your body while you sleep. Slats come in two forms, straight or sprung, both provide support and airflow to your mattress.

Sleeping on a bed frame offers a superior quality of sleep to that of a mattress on the floor. Fact.

At first glance, a bedframe may seem like a superfluous purchase, a gimmick designed to trick us into parting with our hard-earned cash. In reality, a bedframe provides a slew of benefits and ultimately gives us a better night’s sleep. Is a bed frame a pointless expense? After seeing all the benefits a bed frames provide, I hope you agree, a bed frame is not a pointless expense, it’s an essential one.

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