Instagram Tactics for Freelance Fashion Designers to Attract More Traffic to their Fashion Site


A fashion-forward Instagram stratagem could be driving traffic, making sales, and attracting a loyal community comprising fans and followers. Instagram is the way to go for fashion designers and all other professionals in any creative field. Instagram is not merely a trendsetting marketing platform. An Instagram stratagem for a freelance fashion designer must have the power to captivate the target audience and initiate a conversation, or share experiences, and go about selling their fashion brand lifestyle. We know that experts believe that Instagram is a powerful and versatile fashion force that has been setting trends and boosting sales ever since its inception in October 2010.

As per, Instagram is predominantly a visual social media platform for inspiring new trends and promoting a lifestyle much beyond the rack. By character, Instagram is best suited to innovative and creative fashion brands that pay a lot of emphasis on both community and visual dimensions.

However, as Instagram is increasingly becoming overcrowded and as customers are getting quite used to it as a marketing or a commercial platform, budding fashion designers and small brands are finding it difficult to attract or even retain followers. It is surely an incredible challenge to stand tall among the rest in a sea of hugely talented and creative personalities across the fashion world. However, you could now say goodbye to like-less days provided you follow the tips and tactics discussed below to emerge victorious in your grand Instagram game.

Know Your Target Audience & Craft a Plan Accordingly

Instagram marketing has everything to do with knowing your precise target audience, understanding what they love, or hate, laugh or care about. The more meticulously you know your targeted audience; you would reap the benefits more. You would prove to be really effective if you know everything about your target audience. Chalking out an Instagram posting plan is just similar to your vacation plan, planning a fabulous trip obviously for your amazing travel companion. Instagram is certainly much more than simply creating a fascinating feed. You no longer focus only on generating a stunning feed. The era of sharing mindless selfies is almost gone with the wind. Instagram is surely about doing your marketing right so that you could be successful in building a blossoming community along with effectively expanding your fashion brand. Instagram is the ultimate destination for all fashion brands and freelancer fashion designers provided they know the right Instagram marketing rules. This knowledge, along with their perfected design portfolio online is the most strategic tool for showcasing their creations and presenting their fashion brand in a more professional way.

Focus On Optimizing Your Bio

Your bio is like the window to your soul and it is instrumental in attracting people to your account. Your bio helps people to form the first impression of you and your brand. Your bio is the core feature that encourages users to delve deeply into your fashion account simply by providing a quick summary of precisely who you are along with what you do and hope to offer. Your bio is the right place to flaunt your skills, professionalism, and experience. However, you need to restrict yourself to just 150 characters only. You must incorporate a catchy and informative description into the bio about you and your fashion brand. Remember to add a valuable link to your design portfolio or website along with an appropriate call-to-action.

Treat Instagram’s Algorithm as Your Precious Friend

We know for sure that posts that receive high engagement rates would be appearing first on the Instagram follower’s feeds. There are numerous ways of achieving these high rates. If you are able to successfully keep your Instagram followers longer at all your posts, you would be regarded as successful in your campaign. Compose captivating captions. You must ensure that you are just not working for the sake of composing content. You must necessarily come up with something interesting and of crucial importance. You must focus on generating superlative pictures. It is important to maintain the high quality of images. Moreover, the consistency and visual harmony of your feed are extremely important points to remember for an effective Instagram marketing plan.

Try to be Interactive & Social

You need to interact actively within your community. You must respond to comments and likes on your posts. Do not forget to visit other Instagram-profiles, like and post comments on their posts. Strike up a fruitful and relevant conversation. Send authentic and honest replies that would foster effective communication. Avoid using bots as a principle if you wish to forge ahead as a fashion brand. You can also check the Instagram follower count of an account to figure out how popular it is online.

Consider Collaborating With Other Fashion Designers

Life is very much about giving and taking and things are pretty much the same here on Instagram. Bartering your design skills is surely a wonderful way of interacting with other more experienced fashion designers. You could help others in areas you are confident about while other talented users could help you overcome your weaknesses. Try to identify popular Instagram accounts that usually showcase fashion designers and their creations. You must try your best to get featured on those accounts. You may incorporate a particular account’s dedicated hashtag into your Instagram post for attracting their attention. This is a good way of getting noticed and getting more exposure to stalwarts in the fashion industry.

Organize Contests and Giveaways

If you are thinking of pampering your followers be serious about running competitions and raffles that would surely prompt your followers to respond intuitively.  That is simply because everyone loves to be victorious. The prize need not be something flashy. It could be one of your autographed creations.

Remember Sharing Is Caring

You may focus on reposting content that interests and inspires you. This would demonstrate the fact that you have an appreciation for others’ work and you have a host of inspiration sources. This idea could prove to be a super hit one in the case; you are not able to generate new content at a quick enough rate. You simply need to seek permission from the authentic source.

Conclusion: Be Consistent & Organized

You must maintain quality and consistency in your visual language and presentations. The same consistency must be applied effectively to the scheduling of your posts. There is absolutely no need to go on bombarding your fans and followers with way too many posts on Instagram every single day. However, do not stay away from posting for too long. Do not overdo anything. Stick to posting regularly so that new customers are attracted and your followers stay loyal to your brand and keep coming back to you.




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