7 Thoughtful Gifts to Give to Travel Junkies


We all know and love some travel junkies in our lives. They can be a partner, a friend, or a relative. We can even be a self-confessed wanderlust. Nevertheless, this information is important when it comes to the gift-giving season because you now narrow down your choices better.

With that said, below you’ll find some thoughtful gifts that your travel junky friends and family will love to receive. All of the items directly relate to traveling so you’re sure that these are the gifts that the person receiving them will find use for.

Check them out below and see which one fits.

Personalized Luggage Tag

One of the splurges one makes when they travel often is a luggage tag. A luggage tag helps a traveler identify which luggage or suitcase is theirs so that it doesn’t get lost.

If it does get lost, relevant information that can help identify who the owner is will be present on the luggage tag for any person willing to take the luggage bag back to the right owner.

With that said a personalized luggage tag can help your travel junky loved one to protect their luggage as well as easily identify them. Having it personalized adds that small, special touch that will make the luggage tag even more important to them.

Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is that semi-donut shaped pillow that people put around their necks for comfort so that their heads have something to lean on. For traveling, this is a great convenience and it makes for a cute gift.

For people who love to travel, they can often find themselves traveling for hours upon hours on end with no comfortable sleeping area. A neck pillow adds convenience and extra comfort that they might need during those moments.

Plus, receiving something cute and fluffy is always a good gift. Additionally, neck pillows come in all sorts of designs and appearances so there’s more personalization for you to try.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are increasingly becoming more popular as the days pass on. A Bluetooth speaker or a Bluetooth headset is a great gift for someone traveling because nobody likes to deal with all those wires.

When you’re on the move, you want to be able to move as freely, but sometimes we want to move freely with background music too.

This is where Bluetooth headset and speakers come in. If your friend or family is a music lover and a traveler too, then the combination of the two will make a Bluetooth speaker a great gift to give them. Plus, it’s something they can use even when they’re not traveling.

Stylish Luggage Covers

Luggage covers are another convenient gift to give your travel junky friend. They are unlikely to splurge on really fancy luggage covers which gives you the opportunity to give them a really great and stylish luggage cover.

According to Chester Travels, luggage gets treated to much abuse and scratches during travel. So if you want to avoid damaging it to a point where it wears down sooner, then luggage covers are a great investment.

What are types of luggage cover to buy will depend on your loved one’s travel activities. Is he usually out of the country for business purposes? Is he the outdoorsy type? You should take this into consideration whenever you’re buying a luggage cover.

Aside from that, luggage covers can also be waterproof so should they ever have to roll their suitcase during a rainy day, then the luggage cover has them, well, covered.

Anti Theft Bag

Some tourist destinations are as ripe with attractions as it is with criminal activity, and by that we mean theft.

A lot of tourists or travelers rely a lot on the things that they’ve packed, so making sure that their items don’t get nicked is important during their travels.

You can help them with their personal belongings’ security by giving them an anti-theft bag. These bags are specifically designed so that they won’t get pickpocketed nor will they be slashed too easily.

If your travel junkie person tends to travel with all their belongings in one bag, then giving them an anti-theft bag is a great move.

First Aid Kit Essentials

If your travel junkie loved one tends to go to the more adventurous and thus, risky side of traveling, then a great gift idea would be First Aid Kit essentials. This will not only serve them well but it will also show your concern for them.

For some people, they may not even have thought of getting this for themselves when they’re traveling so this can be an appropriate gift for them. It’s not only thoughtful but it’s also useful.


Last but not least, a stylish accessory like blue aviator sunglasses is also a great gift for your constantly traveling buddy. Even if they’re not traveling, they can still use sunglasses which are great for protecting the eyes against the harsh rays of the sun.

Gift giving is easier if you know what they’re into and with travel junkies, the gifts listed above are not only thoughtful, but they are also useful.




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