Indoor Crafts and Activities to Try at the Cottage 


Ah, cottage life. Waking up to the call of the loon, taking dips in the lake, spending time on the boat, making s’mores by the fire — it’s a beautiful way to enjoy the summer season with friends and family. However, sometimes people get bored or tired of being outside and being so physically active. Sometimes, you just want to hang out on the deck or indoors.  

What do you do when it rains, for example? Or if you want to spend an afternoon out of the sun — are there things to do inside?

As fun as it is to go swimming, canoeing, hiking, or whatever strikes your cottage-life fancy, it’s also fun to sit back and listen to the calming sounds of nature as you engage in a relaxing activity or spend some quality time with the family.

Let’s take a look at some indoor activities and crafts to try at the cottage this summer. 

Board Games 

OK, so most people who have a cottage already know how essential board games are to have tucked away for a rainy day. But to truly optimize your family board game experience, you must rotate those games and freshen them up every couple of years. Do you know that old Game of Life that’s been up at the cottage since the 1970s? Sure, it’s an antique — a family relic — but maybe it’s time to replace that with something a little more current. 

Do a little research to discover games that are genuinely engaging that can captivate everyone’s attention, even for your 15-year old niece who spends 98% of the day looking at her phone. For example, check out something like Settlers of Catan, an award-winning strategy game that encourages players to put on their thinking caps. For the families with a slightly more mature crowd and a darker sense of humor, try Cards of Humanity. You’ll all be laughing so hard you won’t even remember that it’s raining outside.


Did you know that knitting is the perfect activity to try while also reducing stress? Knitting is something that you can pick up anywhere at any time. You may already have some experience with the craft but don’t have a lot of time to spend developing your skills. Luckily, while at the cottage, you have lots of time! 

Whether it’s raining or you want to keep your hands busy as you suntan, picking up those needles and yarn is an excellent way to spend a little downtime at the cottage. If you’re unsure how to start, you can check out the featured patterns designed from beginner to experienced levels.

The repetitive movements of the crafting help relax the body and mind. Take an hour or so a day away from the kids and focus on making something beautiful and meaningful this summer.

Make the most of the cottage this summer by updating the board game selection and bringing up your knitting kit. Who knows — by the end of the summer, you might have homemade winter sweaters ready for the entire family!




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