Incredible Branding Tricks You Might Have Overlooked

You may believe that branding is reserved for the world’s biggest corporations, but the truth is, every company out there needs a strong brand. Having a well-designed brand is one of the best way to ensure people actually remember your business and consider buying from you again. But what to do if you’ve already invested in branding but you feel like it still hasn’t reached the level you were hoping for? You’ll be glad to hear there are some incredible branding you might have overlooked that could be exactly what you need.

Brand your office space

If you have customers come to your office on a regular basis, branding can do wonders for your business. In fact, this is a perfect way to give your brand a boost. Just think about it – every time a customer enters your office, they interact with your business and your brand. Customizing your office space makes the entire place more memorable and gives your business a more professional look. What’s more, branding your office space can even ensure your employees stick around as they’ll connect with the company even more. If you need some inspiration, just take a look at the office spaces of companies such as Cartoon Network and you’ll see how easy it is to incorporate your brand into your workplace.

Make your logo unique

Obviously, having a logo isn’t an overlooked branding trick, as every company out there has one. However, not every company has a carefully-designed logo. Many believe you need to do is add a lion or puma to your business name and you have a perfect logo. In reality, there’s much more to designing your logo, and doing your homework before you do so is recommended. Including an animal or adding an arc on top of your company’s names are considered to be clichés as we got to see so many brands opt for them. Come up with something completely unique and your brand will have a huge advantage. If you want to test it, remove the logo from your company communications and see is your brand still feels the same.

Hand out different promotional products

Promotional products are a tool you simply have to use when branding your business. Putting your logo on absolutely anything and handing it out to your customers makes them more likely to remember you the next time they search for products your business sells. Instead of just sticking to the same promotional products all businesses use, you can consider designing something different for your customers. For example, why not design promotional umbrellas for your business? These things won’t only help the customer remember you but it’ll actually serve as a billboard and increase your exposure. Just make sure you stick to your color scheme when designing them.

Turn employees into brand ambassadors

Ask anyone in the world of marketing and they’ll tell you that your employees are your best brand advocates. People trust your employees a lot as they feel they’re being more honest when talking about your business. Another great thing about turning your employees into brand ambassadors is that it’s extremely low-cost and easy to implement. All you need to do is provide your staff members with your company’s business cards and give them some incentive to promote your brand for you. Most of the time, offering bonuses or days off should motivate them to help you give your brand a boost.

Give volunteering a go

Who says you have to spend any money in order to build a better brand? Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of time and effort and you have a nice boost. Not only this, but you can actually give something back to do the community while doing so. Companies have been volunteering for quite some time now and it worked wonders for them. By doing the same, you and your employees get a reason to get out of the office and show everyone that your brand cares. The best part of it is that it can be even more beneficial for your business. For instance, employees who volunteer often feel better and put more effort into their work.

Each of these five tricks is often overlooked by business owners who want to build a better brand. They’re applicable regardless of the industry you’re in and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give them a go.

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