How Vet Infusion Pump can help in administrating Critical Drugs

Use of veterinary infusion pumps

Veterinary Infusion Pump used to control the multiple infusions, the integration of drug-kinetic programs in memory, for BI control, operator interaction, self-surveillance and safety.

Closed loop control systems contain a sensor, which measures changes in the physiological parameter, which is manipulated by the drug, and sends information to a computer. In addition, they have a conditioner, a controller and an infusion device. The computer regulates the amount of medication that will be sent by the BI, in response to the physiological changes of the patient. Its use provides two advantages over open systems: some monitoring tasks are automatically adjusted by the system.

Infusion pump safety systems

Most BIs allow the user to select the volume to be infused (VTBI). When this limit is reached, before the liquid source ends, the pump triggers an alarm and continues to infuse the liquid at a minimum speed. It prevents the patient’s cannula from clogging. BIs have ultrasonic or pressure transducers, and optical sensors that trigger audible or visual alarms, to indicate that there are changes in the speed (fast, slow) of the drip.

Veterinary Infusion Pump objectives

The infusion makes it possible to ensure survival in an emergency by the action, sometimes almost immediate, of certain drugs when they are brought into contact with the organ quickly. In fact, the infusion or transfusion (depending on the product injected) restores the blood volume (total blood volume), which maintains the blood pressure.

The veterinary infusion can help maintain nutritional balance during certain pathologies in their critical or acute phase (during a stroke or stroke for example). The infusion will help to maintain or restore a correct hydro-electrolyte balance. It can recharge the body with calcium, sodium, potassium, or vitamins…

Finally, the veterinary infusion allows certain treatments to be put in place, either because they are more effective by the venous route, or because they are nonexistent outside of their injectable form. This may be the case for antibiotic therapy, taking painkillers (pain medication) or for certain chemotherapies.

Special features of veterinary infusion pump

  1. No need for any tool to assemble and disassemble the pump, easy to clean.
  2. Anti-reverse function to avoid against the current, making it safer for the patient during the infusion.
  3. 2 infusion modes for your working mode of choice drop and rate.
  4. Automatic lock that prevents misoperation during infusion.
  5. Clear numeric keypad system ensuring easy to change data.
  6. Showing the reasons for alarm on the screen, making it easy to solve the problems.
  7. Humanized design for single hand operation.
  8. Voice and flash alarm in the head, easily being seen from everywhere if alarm occurs.
  9. Double CPU and KVO function ensuring infusion plus security.
  10. The unique design makes the medicine liquid will not flow into the pump if tube broken.

So if you want easily infusion of medicines or other liquid in pets then infusion pump for vet is good option. There are different type of infusion pump in the market, one can buy according to their requirement and budget. Also these infusion pump can be buy from the online store at very reasonable rate.

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