How to write a professional resume at affordable price

Found a great vacancy? The first step is to interest the employer, paying attention to your best features.

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Professional legal resume writing services for you

According to a study by Orange County Resume Survey, these are:

  • previous work experience (45%);
  • qualifications/skills (35%);
  • ease of reading/perception of information (25%);
  • achievements, merits, projects (16%);
  • spelling and grammar (14%);
  • education (9%);
  • clear goal (3%);
  • keywords (2%);
  • contact information (1%).

A chronological resume describes your workplaces in chronological order, starting with the last. Suitable for those who are looking for work in the familiar sphere, have extensive experience and strive for career growth.

A combined resume combines the advantages of chronological and functional – includes a description of skills and a list of jobs. It is considered the most effective. Share and combine your experience (depending on which vacancy you apply for), combine your skills with the companies where you got them, and also be sure to focus on measurable indicators.

A resume can also be universal, which means that it contains a structured information divided into the chapters specifying work experience and professional skills in back chronological order.

Resumes are written so that they are noticed and read

Making a good impression with a resume on the employer is a priority for the job seeker. To do this, it is worth working to ensure that the A4 leaflet is not only informative, but also attracts attention among dozens, or even hundreds of such documents. At the same time, one should strictly maintain the business style of design, choose an acceptable font, layout and placement of all sections of the resume. Obviously, the use of drawings, colors or other artistic techniques in this case is unacceptable, unless it is a question of finding a job as a cartoonist or graphic designer.

A common rule is to use the Times New Roman or Arial font. It is allowed in italic or bold type of the headings of sections of the resume. When printing resumes, the use of high-density paper is recommended. 

If you have doubts about the correct spelling of certain words, then it is worth checking the spelling using the Word function. Even if it is not a grammatical error, but an annoying slip of the pen, the chances of such a resume are many times reduced and, most likely, it will end up in the trash. At the first stage of the job search, the job of the job seeker is to obtain an invitation to an interview. That is why it is worth a little sweat over compiling a resume, eliminating the slightest mistakes.

Currently, more and more applicants are placing their photo in the upper left corner of the resume form. This is a justified method of attracting attention, since visualization of the image of the applicant gives an additional idea of the person and eliminates dry information about work experience. The employer creates a more complete image of the one who applies for the vacancy and, accordingly, the chances for the applicant to receive the coveted invitation for an interview are increased.

It should be noted that the resume is sent by e-mail, fax or hand-to-hand. If the applicant has placed his photo in the resume, then you need to carefully choose the photo, since the fax can significantly distort the image in the literal sense and “smear” the impression of the resume in a figurative sense.

Obviously, photos from a family archive or beach holiday are not very suitable for an official document, which is a summary. The photo should be quite official, but representing the applicant in a favorable perspective.

Structure of a resume

A document consists of several sections that contain structured information. However, at the discretion of the applicant, the main sections can be supplemented with others, if it is appropriate from the point of view of the information component.

The main building blocks:

– title;

– goal;

– applicant personal information;

– education;

– professional and/or labor activity;

– other professional skills;

– additional information (social activities, hobbies);

– recommendations;

– date of preparation. is a professional, best, online, resume writing service you could ever find in your entire life.  Legal resume writing services make life of students better. Resume writing services help them to find jobs and be decent members of society. Thus, if you are a student and you ask yourself how can I get my resume done or who is there to help me with my cv? The answer is There are three types of a resume, which are chronological, functional and combined and whatever you choose or need, you can have it. Your resume will be just the way it should be meaning objective, precise and moderate.

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