How to Test an Ethernet Cable Using a Cable Tester?

Powerful, sound and smooth networking systems are mainly dependent on the quality and function of the cables. A network may be down, or it may fail to perform if encountered by technical issues. Usually, cables face three different challenges – connectivity, performance, and continuity.

If you find your connection down or stopped, that may have occurred because of a faulty Ethernet cable. How to test an Ethernet cable to figure out if it is problematic? Using a reliable ethernet cable tester is the easiest way possible. In this article, we will explain the Ethernet cable and the method of testing it using a cable tester.

What is an Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet Cable, used on wired networks, is a widely popular type of network cable all around the world. A total of eight wires accumulated in four different pairs are placed inside an Ethernet cable. The wires need to be appropriately connected in the right order, so there is an accurate flow of current.

There are two physical forms of Ethernet cables – standard and solid. Standard Ethernet cables less tend to cracks and break. Therefore, they are more suitable for portable devices and travelers. On the other hand, solid Ethernet cables offer better performance and safety against any electrical interference.

Most of the Ethernet cables support at least one industry-standard or even more, i.e., CAT5, CAT6. These cables are used to connect different network devices on a LAN such as computers, modems, fiber optic adapters, routers, switches, etc. Ethernet cables use Ethernet Protocol to transmit data.

What is an Ethernet Cable Tester?

A network cable tester that can check the Ethernet signal is known as an Ethernet cable tester. A regular (basic) cable tester can test the connectivity issue smoothly but may not be able to identify other issues, i.e., performance, and continuity. Cables may start malfunctioning for many different problems. Either it is close to an interfering source, or it may be way too long.

Whatever the reason, a pro-grade network cable tester with Ethernet signal detecting power can find out these problems and efficiently. It can identify not only the problem but also the location where the problem occurred in a cable.

Such a tester tells when used if an Ethernet cable is successfully carrying the Ethernet signal. When it can successfully transmit the signal, which means the cable is in good condition to carry electric current, and there are no impediments and short circuits.

How to Test an Ethernet Cable with Cable Tester?

Purchase a cable tester with Ethernet signal testing capacity if you don’t have one already. There is a wide variety of availability out there. As the branded blades ensure cutting-precision, so the top network cable testers check out and fix the cable-flaws. So, search for the best brands with the most worthy features while buying a tester.

  1. Take your modem or router and reboot it. Remove the power cord from it. Press the reset button of the router or modem. Wait until it back on. It may take thirty to sixty seconds. Wait for 2 to 3 minutes more for the re-establishment of your network connection. If you find your Ethernet is still problematic or no connection is there, start with your cable tester.
  1. Turn on your tester. Take the network cable and plug one end into the tester’s “IN” Ethernet input and the other end into the “OUT” input.
  1. Hold the “Test” button of the cable tester down. Immediately, the tester will start to send signals across the inserted cable. If the signals travel to one end from the other end of the cable, the cable tester will detect and record that, and let you know. If the tester shows “green light”, the cable is okay; if it shows “red light”, the Ethernet cable is problematic or dead.
  1. There is no effective solution if the cable is found problematic or dead but to replace it with a suitable Ethernet cable. That may cause some more bucks from your bucket, but you should do that for your sake (for a better and smooth connection).

Last Words

You are testing cables, not a crash-proof steel mailbox that how much crash-proof it is! Testing an Ethernet cable is not is pretty simple if you use a cable tester. It requires no special care or knowledge of an expert except for the basic idea about network cable and tester. Follow the instructions above, and it’ll be complete!

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