How to Restore Deleted Files with Two Simplest Methods

Have you ever had a bad experience with data loss? Or, you are accidentally deleted the important data or files that you are going to use later? That’s a normal thing that every computer user experiences at least once. Fortunately, there is a way to fix that. We can restore the deleted files and get them back like it used to be. So, here is the question. How to restore deleted files? Below, we have methods you can try.

Using Recovery Software

This is the standard method to recover your lost file. As for the software you can use, many of them are now available on the market. For better results, you can use the paid version. Even though you have to buy it, the chance to recover your files is much higher. However, if you search carefully, you also can find free software that can do the job as amazing as the paid version.

The method to use recovery software is, basically, the same, either the paid or free version. First of all, you need to install the software, and then open it. On the software main page, you can find many recovery types that you can use, such as recover deleted files, recover files from formatted disk and many more. Choose one that matches your problem.

Once you choose the recovery type, mostly, you have to choose the hard drive or partition where the files were located before you delete it. Then, the software will scan that driver or partition. The scanning process doesn’t require too much time. The software will find it easily, especially if you just deleted that files. As for the old files that you’ve deleted a long time ago, that will be much harder to find. There is a chance that the software can’t find and recover it.

Now, after the software has found the files, you just need to choose the files display on the preview window. Then, click the recover button. And, you get your files back. That’s all that you need to know and do about recovering your deleted files using recovery software.

Windows Restore Option

The other method is using the Windows Restore option. Use the search bar on the Windows start menu to find it. This option works by restoring the condition of your computer on the restore point that you choose. However, there are several disadvantages to this method.

For example, you can only restore the files that are included in the restore point. If you had not copied the files into your computer at the restore point date, you won’t be able to get it back. Plus, using this method will erase all files and progress after the restore point date that you choose. So, you can only use it as the last resort.


When you accidentally delete your files, you don’t need to worry. The two simple methods above will help you to solve the problem. Or, you also can use help from professionals to get your files back. They know How to restore deleted files with the highest recovery rate. 

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