How To Protein Power Your Days : Things To Know

If you are looking for some easy, simple yet effective ways to protein power your daily diet – this article will help you combat any kind of protein deficiency in the body ensuring your daily fitness and overall health. Protein is the building block of the body and therefore a good balance of the same needs to be maintained in the body for its proper functioning and nourishment. The entire fitness world is talking all about protein, protein, and protein. Well, today we will let you understand what is all the fuss about protein and its daily intake. Most of the time, our hectic schedule and busy life seem to take a toll on our daily diet, and this where we lose all track of our vital nutrients like carbs, protein, fiber, etc. 

Let us now have a look at some of the steps that can be taken in order to protein power your daily routine: 

  • Start With A Protein-Rich Breakfast

You have got to have a protein-powered breakfast like a king. This has got to be your largest portion of your meal, and therefore, a well-balanced breakfast is a must.

  • Order Protein Supplements Online

In order to complement your fitness regime, lookout for the best protein supplement online and consume it as and when directed by your trainer/nutritionist. However, do keep in mind to only buy authentic protein powder from a registered and certified online supplement store. 

  • Workout Like A Beast

Follow a proper workout plan and abide by it religiously. For a healthy and fit life, you need to work out like a beast. Mix and match different exercises on different days for better results in a short time.

  • Take Enough Rest 

You need to give your body sufficient rest time in order to battle fatigue and get enough time for efficient and quick recovery of muscles post-workout.

Delicious High-Protein Food Sources You Should Be Including In Your Daily Diet : 

  • If you are a nonvegetarian, the chicken breast should make for a large portion of your protein diet. One roasted chicken breast contains approximately 53 grams of protein. Chicken with quinoa is one of the widely consumed dishes by fitness enthusiasts all across the globe. Enriched with protein and essential nutrients – Quinoa & chicken is just what you need for your daily protein-rich diet.
  • If you are an eggetarian, eggs have got to be on your daily menu. Boil a whole egg then take out the yellow part (yolk) from it as it is enriched with fat and eat the complete white portion of the egg that has all the protein content in it.
  • For vegetarians, you can consume tofu, broccoli, almonds, seeds, quinoa, soya chunks, lentils, and pulses, etc. 

When Is The Right Time To Consume Protein Supplements?

Wondering when to consume your protein supplements or what is the right way to consume it? Well, consuming protein supplements is easy peasy. Talking about when to consume it – 

  • In The Morning During Your Breakfast: Start your day with a good dose of protein shake in the morning. It keeps you fuller for longer and gives you the right protein dose in the morning.
  • In-Between Meals: You can also consume protein shakes in between meals like in the afternoon during lunchtime and keep feeding your body with the required protein for body.
  • Pre/Post-Workout: For Energy-sake, consuming protein supplements pre or post-workout gives you the pump, energy, and endurance to sustain long hours of training. 
  • Before Bedtime: You can even consume it before going to bedtime, giving your body the required amount of nutrients to replenish the ruptured muscle tissues post a heavy workout. It helps in the quick recovery of muscles while your body is an incomplete state of rest.

How To Consume Protein Powder?

Protein powder is an easy-to-consume supplement that requires no extra effort. All you need to do is take a shaker bottle and fill it with approximately 200-220 ml of water/skimmed milk and then add the powder into it. Now give it a fine blend or a shake for about 15-20 seconds until the texture comes out to be thick and creamy. Your protein shake is all ready to be consumed on the go. You can mix it in any of your favorite beverages and enjoy it.

Conclusion: If you are into fitness training, bodybuilding or any other rigorous physical activity, protein supplements will surely help you build muscles and tackle fatigue and tiredness when working out. Consume a high protein diet.

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