How to master essay writing and improve on your skills


Essay writing and academic essay writing in specific is something that can be mastered if students understood some key things about writing it. Normally it is approached with a lot of dread because there is a lot of work and effort that goes into it, but it can actually be a very enjoyable process if you know what you are doing. We have foundational things written down for you that will ensure that you end up with a great essay or paper as the end product.

  • Drafting an outline

The outline is the backbone of your entire essay, and you will be making a mistake if you don’t write it. Outlines are super important and helpful because they allow you to have your thoughts and ideas organized right in front of you. Writing an essay without thinking about how you want it to be structured is basically making things harder on yourself because you will keep stopping to think about how you should write the other part next. You can also adjust your outline as you go because it is normal to have different ideas as you are actually writing the essay.

  • Having grasp on grammar

An essay or a research paper that has a lot of grammar mistakes does not give off the best impression, especially if it is an academic one. The grammar and the vocabulary you use really needs to be on point with such essays, as well as the voice you write it in. For instance, we advise students to use active voice whenever necessary because it works better with academic essays. Try not to use a lot of fluff for the academic essays and papers because it becomes obvious when you are trying to increase the word count. You can also seek help from if you are struggling to write a good essay.

  • Use critical analysis

When it comes to academic essays, you need to approach the topic from a critical point of view and really break it down into certain parts prior to explaining it. Any kind of argument you find; you should ensure that it links back to the main topic in one way or the other. If you think of an argument or an example that is not completely relevant to the topic, then don’t use it. Moreover, your research should be backed by concrete sources such as other academic sources and books. Try to refrain from websites and blog posts because they don’t hold much value.

  • Having a great conclusion 

Having a strong conclusion is integral to ending your essay, and it is as important as the body of the essay. It also one of the parts people tend to overlook, but this is where you have to tie up all your arguments together and give a final verdict. Make sure you use the conclusion to talk about how your arguments in the body paragraphs have either proved or disapproved the essays. 




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