7 Ways That Can Prevent You from Falling Asleep During Statistics Class


Having inconvenience to keep staying awake during class? We have the struggle of that conscious head bob and just need a few seconds to “shut your eyes.” It doesn’t matter if you have an early class or a long night class even in the afternoon- we all deal with feeling tired. Dozing occurs especially in college when you are juggling having a social life and numerous classes and assignments from studying a mind-consuming subject like math or statistics.

Don’t let that worry you, you’re a typical student! However, as a student, you should make use of websites like homeworkdoer.org to ease off your workload so that you can get enough rest and be fresh for a class in the morning.

Therefore, what do you do the next time you’re in a two-hour class and your eyes start to get heavy? Luckily, we have a few tips to help keep you focused and awake during class.

  1. Shower before every class.

So your class starts at 8 a.m.? Wake up before class and go for the bath. It will help you to wake. Whether warm or cold, a shower is the best way to kick-start your day. It makes you fresh and gives you an energetic feeling that will come in handy to get you through the early morning class.

  1. Bring a snack and a bottle of water to class.

If you have to stay awake, it is important to stay hydrated. Better you can carry cold water; because a bottle of the water will help you to alert and active. Water is a great source of energy. It will ensure you remain lively during the lecture. You can also bring a light snack to boost your energy levels during the class. Besides, you can munch on some cheese; it will help to keep you focused.

  1. Pick the ideal sitting position and posture.

If your classroom is heated, you may get weary and fall asleep. Sit next to an open window, outside light will help you stay awake. However, sitting by the window may also lead you to start daydreaming. You should take notes on a laptop or by hand because this may help you to focus on the class and active your body.

Siting up, and look at the posture. Just all your shoulder back, and keep in mind don’t slouch. Might be Slouching unnecessarily strain on your muscle which can cause you to sleep.

Ensure that you sit in the first, second, or third row. Closer to the lecturer it helps to focus on the class, lecturer sound helps you to awake.

Ask a lot of questions. Listen to the professor and actively envision complex questions to rise. This will help you to understand which topic the lecturer has to say.

  1. Avoid the internet

With the advancement in technology, most students carry with them laptops, tablets, and smartphones to class. Whereas these devices are helpful for note-taking and research, it is inadvisable for students to be on the internet during a lecture. This is due to the numerous distractions that come with the internet. Certain courses like statistics require a student’s undivided attention during the lecture. browsing the web, not a good choice. It helps you to act in the class, but you don’t focus on your class.

  1. Go to the washroom.

When you sense a slight feeling of sleepiness, you just take a trip to the washroom. If you walk, you will regain active and normal blood circulation. Don’t forget to take a stretch while you are in the hallway.

  1. Tug on your earlap.

Yesssss, the sound is a little weird, but it effective. Tugging your earlap is one of the effective ways to get active your brain and focus on your class.

  1. Bring eye-drops to class.

Bring eye-drops to class because less likely to sleep and some-time eye are dry. when you feel your eyes are dry, put some eye-drops in them. Then you will feel fresh and also your eyes will be fresh and thankful.




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