How to Make Wedding Invitations with Basic Invite


For some people, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives! And there is a lot of planning and stress that comes with the big day. You need to look for the perfect dress, book the perfect venue, catering food with the best restaurant, and of course, send all of your guests an invitation. What style to choose, what do you even write, and is there anything extra that goes with the invites? Here are a few things you can follow on how to make wedding invitations.

1.Choosing the Right Style

Is your wedding going to be a big event? Is it more low-key? Or are you going to elope? No worries, Basic Invite has everything to choose from! Some popular themes you can choose from our rustic, floral, destination, vintage, and so many more. All of the invitations are 100% customizable, and they will be perfect for any style of wedding. Basic Invite makes it easy and stress-free for every customer!

2.How to Format Your Invite

There is no right or wrong way to word your invitations; there are just a few things that every card should include. The couple’s names, the location, the date, and the time are most important. You do not want your guests to be confused and questioning the card you send them. Also, other things you can add to your card are the parent’s names if you would like it more traditional, information about your reception, or the URL to your registry if you have one! Again, you can have your card say whatever you would like; there are just a few things that are crucial for invites.

3.What Else Can Be Added

At Basic Invite, there are so many things you can order that can go with your wedding invites. There are matching enclosure cards, belly bands, pockets, stickers, and even free wedding websites. You can have more information about your special day printed on a details card, everything can be held together within a pocket and secured with a belly band, or you can have everything on a website. You can personalize a website with Basic Invite to match your invitations perfectly! You can add photos, directions to the event, and there is even an RSVP section your guests can fill out. They are cute, fun, and user-friendly!


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