Advantages of online billing


It is essential for the viability of your small business that the investment in a billing program is safe and efficient. After all, it will help you organize and save time if the choice of the billing program is correct. In addition, it must have a minimum economic impact.

Billing must be simple and without messes

Although, it is well known that implementing a simple billing program will improve your workflow, thousands of small businesses remain in constant frustration with billing. Many start making invoices with Excel or Word, two more useful programs for other tasks. Why is this frustration in small entrepreneurs when it comes to ordering? Basically, traditional billing continues in the day-to-day business. Why does your lifelong provider still send you the paper bills written in your handwriting?

Carrying a correlative series on invoices, knowing in seconds what unpaid invoices are overdue or knowing what day your customers pay you is extremely simplified with a good billing program.

With an easy, fast, and online billing program such as Billdu invoice app, cash inflows accelerate, improving your cash flow. Also, if the best part of billing is to get paid, why not have a program that creates invoices quickly and can send them to your customers in seconds?

Benefits of using an online billing program

In the traditional business system, invoices were created at the end of the month or quarter (probably all on the same night), printed and sent by regular mail. Although the bill is not lost and successfully reaches its recipient, the time consumed by the process is ridiculous in the pace of work we have today. In addition, it involves duplication of data, having to create the paper invoice and the advisor creates it again in your program.

With online billing, you ensure fast billing processes, with greater flexibility and automation. Here are some advantages of implementing an online billing program for your business:

– Series of correlative and automatic invoice: forget to remember what was the last invoice number you issued
– Access your invoices anywhere: computer, tablet, phone. Visit your customers and invoice instantly
– Customize the invoice template you wish to send with your logo, images, colors, or personalized messages
– All invoices in the order in one place and without paperwork: you can already throw the shoe box with the invoices, with an online billing program you will have them all safe at the reach of a click.

Take the relationship with your customers to the next level

If you decide to work with an online billing program, it will usually come hand in hand with some more useful and at the same time simple functionality that will help you confer professionalism and control to your management:

– Billing charts: watch the evolution of your billing in the different months. Which month generates higher sales? Which clients are the most important? Use the numbers to help you establish a more personalized service
– Create invoice templates that reflect the soul of your business. Get your most creative side including funny messages for your customers
– Manage invoice due dates easily and send reminders to those customers who have missed the payment

Your clients will perceive that you are 100% in control, that your management is highly organized, and that when they work with you they will have a fast and efficient process.


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