How to make a good trading checklist?

I believe you are going to agree with me because I say the volume of “noise” out there can be hard to binance personal trade checklist well. Action size, indicators, and trend lines, support, etc. Where do you start?

Sweet, you can use a trading checklist to overlook all the fluff and focus on what is important. And today. I’ll share the4-step trading checklist that will carry the next stage of your trading with you. Are you ready for this?

Then, Let’s step into the shoes.

Are You Risking Your Trading Resources For a Portion?

You may have the binance personal trade checklist system, but you will still be blowing without proper managing risk.

For instance: you have a trading system with a 1:2 high reward rating that wins 50% of the time.

And the hypothetical outcomes from L L L L W W W Now… If you’re at risk of 30% of your stocks, you’d be blowing up 4th trade (-30 –30 –30–30== –20 percent) But… if you’re losing 1% of your stock, you’d have an earnings of 4%(-1 –1 –1 –1+ 2 + 2 + 2= 4 percent).

You need an acceptable risk reduction winning program. Not to be missed … The restoration from the devastating risk is not linear, if it goes deeper it could not be recovered.

When you miss 50% of your money, you have to replenish it by 100%. Yeah, you read it right. 100% not 50% of the population.

That is where you have to always risk a portion of your stock, particularly if you get less than 50 percent of your income.

So, precisely how much are you expected to risk?

It reflects on your winning ratio, incentive risk and resistance to your risk. I would advise you not to lose more than 1% of trade.

Trading With The Trend

Trading towards the trend is not true, I’m not told. But for setting up new traders, trading with the trend and not against it is one of the best ways to improve your trading efficiency. What I presume here is.

Via exchange with the trend:

  • To make a profit you don’t want specific entry.
  • You have better chances to build the trade.
  • The reward trend is higher and you have a higher profit opportunity.

Do You Want To Trade In a Value Area?

You heard this saying, I’m sure you can buy low and sell high. When you buy food, you know how you are prepared to pay depending on your experiences of the past. You’re not going to buy anything beyond your wishes. But how can you define an area of quality when it comes to trading? How do you decide what is high and low?

Here you can be supported by Help & Resistance.

  • Support: An area where the buying pressure is likely to increase the price value zone in an upward trend.
  • Resistance: Zone with potential sales pressure value zone in a downward trend.

Strong resistance and support

What you saw before is what I refer to as classical resistance and support (horizontal lines), or it may be in the form of an ordinary movement. This is called complex resistance & support. That’s what I say, I believe …

Few advantages of support and resistance trading:

  • You deal in a merit field.
  • It will show you the path when you make a mistake.
  • It enhances your winning capability.
  • This increases the risk of recompense.

Know What The Trigger Is For Your Entry

Here are three basic trading facts:

  • Scale determines the amount of the position you are going to bet.
  • Failure decides if you are winning or losing.
  • The entry decides the exchange level.

The entry specifies your binance personal trade checklist size, and this is it. Don’t waste most of your time on it as issues like risk management, patterns, trade locations, etc are far more important to consider. You get it now … Let’s see how you can join a company, somehow:

  • Pullback
  • Breakout


The opposite is if the price shifts against the underlying trend briefly. A pullback is a step down in an upward trend. Here is a case in point:

And … a pullback would be a step up in a downward trend.

For instance:

Benefits of pullbacks trading:

  • If you buy in a significant area, you get a good trading location. This gives you a better chance of being rewarded.

Disadvantages of the pullbacks trade:

  • If the price does not hit your defined location, you may be missing a pass.
  • You are going to trade against the momentum behind it.
Trade with pivot points 
Finally, use pivot point calculations to determine potential turning points. Using pivot points will enable you to determine when market sentiment goes from bullish to bearish or the other way around!


With a trading guide, not all trades are winning trades immediately. Nevertheless, it will encourage traders to stick to the trading schedule, to trade more consistently, and not to trade impulsively or ruthlessly. Use a binance personal trade checklist publication to register your companies and to remain responsible.

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