How to Maintain the Unused Clothes Fabric’s Quality 2020


Do you have rarely used high quality branded clothes on your wardrobe? Or you cannot use them right now because of the ongoing pandemic. With the current situation, schools, offices, and any other businesses have to adjust and bring all the works home. That means we rarely get outside the house and dress up. We cannot visit our favorite go-to club every Friday night, or have a family dinner over a fancy restaurant. And how about the alluring bathing suit we prepared for the summer?

The only time we dressed up during this pandemic is when we create a post on our social media accounts such as TikTok and Instagram. On regular days, we dress in plain T-shirts and comfortable shorts in the house.

The quality of the clothes fabric deteriorates when not used regularly. And eventually, bacterias and moths will eat it up and destroy our favorite go-to clothing. So how do we maintain the fabric’s quality when not used?

Here are the best tips to maintain the quality as good as new:

1. Sanitize Regularly

Now and then, it is best to take out the clothes from the wardrobe or cabinet to give them breathing time too. Similar to people that need fresh air from the outside when things get tough.

Then you can use handheld clothes steamers to sanitize the clothes fabric. The handheld steamers release hot steams that are beneficial to maintain the fabric’s quality. Also, it fixes wrinkles from being stored for too long.

After so, you may hang the clothes using a clothes airer to dry them up before putting them back into your cabinet.

2. Remove the Bad Odor

When the clothes are squeezed and stored in closely spaced for too long, it will smell like a plank of wood, or that smell coming off an old chest box. In which case, after sanitizing and drying the clothes, you may use a fabric spray for clothes to refreshen the smell like it is brand new.

3. Clean and Organize the Wardrobe or Closet

Before putting the clothes back into your closet, be sure that the cabinet or drawer is clean too. Otherwise, all of this is for nothing.

The cleaning task is simple. After removing all clothing in it, you may use a feather duster to clean up, and then you could use a handheld steamer cleaner to sanitize the inner area of the closet.

Using mothball is the traditional method to kill fiber insects, but because of its strong odor, it is not the best option to put in the closet. Instead, consider using a garment bag to maintain high-quality fabric on your clothing. Moreover, using a garment bag is best when organizing your wardrobe.

Side note: when you start taking out the clothes off of the closet, you may compile them by category. Such as what is for formal and casual attire, etc. Also, you may keep the clothes that you are no longer using in a see-through storage box. By doing this, you will give more breathing room in the closet, and if in case you needed those clothes, you know where to find them easily.

Bonus tip:

#1. When you needed some extra cash, you may sell some of your clothes after cleaning them online. The online marketplace has been the best place to make an income during this pandemic. We know of the best platform such as Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, etc.

There are several video tutorials on how to start selling online on the internet. You may take some time to watch it.

#2. Many livelihoods were affected by this pandemic. Some lost their jobs and has been doing all sort of sidelines to survive. When you believe that you have more than enough of what you needed, you start a funding project to help the less fortunate.

Eventually, your kindness will be repaid by many more opportunities in life, as the golden rule says: “you will reap what you sow.”


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