How to Maintain Gutters of Your Roof in the Winter: Do’s and Don’ts


It is the winter and the time has come to enjoy the snow. But the enjoyment will be spoiled by the damaged gutters. Sometimes, the most efficiently installed gutter may have trouble controlling the snow or ice. As a homeowner, you need to maintain gutters during the winter. Here are simple rules that you are required to follow for maintaining the gutters during the winter.

Never Let Snow Build Up On Your Roof

When excess snow gets accumulated, you will experience a flood of water as soon as the gutter melts. When the snow build-up gets excessive, you should call for professionals for cleaning them up. The siding, gutters, and roof will remain in good condition.

Never Forget Your Downspouts

During the winter, the downspouts may get full of ice and further problems may occur during spring. When you are observing your gutters, never miss your downspouts, and keep an eye on them as well. When you are keeping them clear, you are protecting them from sagging or cracking.

Keep Gutters Clean

Periodical clean-up of the gutters is required. This will prevent ice and debris from building up during winter. The gutter will become heavy causing it to break or sag. To avoid the expensive repairs f the gutters, you should keep them clean.

Address Your Leaks As Soon As Possible

You should be aware of the leaks or gaps within the gutter. An average residential house may lose around $400 on repairing leaks of their homes through cracks or gaps. If the repairs are not done in time, many other structural problems may arise. Atlanta roofing contractors will guide you with different effective suggestions for the maintenance of the gutters. When you want professional help for your roofing issues, you may visit

Clear Existing Debris

Gutters generally result from the existing debris on the roof which may wash down due to the rain. If you feel that you can clean the roof on your own, you should go for it. But if your roof has steep slopes, or is slippery, or you are staying in a multi-story building, it is recommended that you hire roofing professionals for getting your job done. The professionals will do their work, and show you how they are doing, and methods for keeping your roof safe.  If you have hired the professionals for the first time, you may do it on your own from the next time onwards.

Inspect for corroded joints and Rust

After cleaning the gutters, you should inspect whether there are any holes, leaks, corroded joints, and holes. In the local hardware store, you will get the gutter patching kits which may act as sealant for corroded joints or rust.


You should try maintaining your gutters by keeping them clean as much as possible. The cleaning activities are not very difficult and may be done on your own. Make sure there are no leaks, rusts, corroded joints, or any holes that may lead to any structural discrepancies. You should also check the downspouts after cleaning the gutters to get full-proof roof maintenance.


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