How to Enjoy A Great Retirement in Four Steps


Planning for your own retirement is so much more than making pension savings and working long enough to ensure that your employer will provide you with the money you need to enjoy the rest of your life. What many people severely underestimate when they retire is how much of a shift it is from their day-to-day life beforehand. You don’t have those same social connections, that same level of productivity, and generally, just end up losing out on a massive portion of your day. 

That’s why it’s time to plan for new routines and how you intend to make new friendships, so your golden years are the best years of your life. You can start just by taking these four steps: 

Have a Plan for Where You Want to Live 

Most people end up using their family home as an additional safety net for their retirement. You likely haven’t needed such a big space since your kids were living with you, and downsizing just makes sense. Whether you sell it or rent it out is entirely up to you, but before you do that, you will want to have a plan on where you want to move next. 

For a great sense of community, hands down the best option is an independent living residency like Gatesworth St. Louis, which offers exceptional facilities like a spa, greenhouse, bistro, fitness center, and even offers things like art classes to its residents as part of the package. Perfect for when you feel like you are starting to slow down or when you want to enjoy a close-knit community of other retired pensioners.  

Be Smart with Your Budget 

By working out a budget and finding ways to comfortably live within it, you can keep going for longer, and still have enough left over for gifts for the grandkids and travel. Do this before you retire, ideally, so that you don’t make the mistake of living as you did on a full salary. If you can, try to pay back spending to this retirement budget a few years before you retire, just so you can get used to the amounts. 

Have a List of Things You Want to Join 

Finally, start finding and saving groups, organizations, classes, and volunteer opportunities that you are interested in. You don’t need to fill every second of your time, but you should go for taster sessions for everything that you are interested in so you can pick a few things that you enjoy doing and help you meet new people. Knowing how you will make new friends and build up new routines that make you feel fulfilled takes a huge weight off of your shoulders, and it’s fun! 

Take Advantage of Package Travel Deals 

Retirement is the perfect time to travel, and the best way hands-down is with a packaged group travel deal. There will be planned excursions where everything is handled for you that are specifically designed to help you meet new people and explore the world regardless of whether you are traveling with a friend or partner, or you are going alone. The reason these package deals are ideal for those who are retired is that they are easy to budget for. Many will even have payment plan offers to make it easier to fit it into your monthly deposits. 


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