How to Do Small Home Repairs Yourself? Check These Tips!


As a homeowner or a tenant, your house is where you get to relax during a stressful week at work or school. It is where you get to enjoy yourself or spend time with your family at the comforts of it. However, the realm of owning or renting a house is not just about having a place for relaxation or the comfort of being with your loved ones. Sometimes, when problems like a clogged faucet or damaged toilet arise, it becomes a bothersome problem.

Prepare your pen and paper and take some time to master these small home repair tips you can try without calling an expert or using complicated tools.

  1. Easy Fixes on Stained Tub

Is your tub showing that annoying stain or rust? If yes, grab some cream of tartar and baking soda. Make sure to combine an equal amount of the cream and the baking soda. In addition, combine enough amount of lemon juice. Mix it until its texture turns into a paste.

After finishing the mixture, grab some using your fingers or any cloth and apply it into the stained area. Let the mixture remain for 30 minutes. Rinse the tub with water.

  1. Easy Fixes on Peeling Wallpaper

Grab a knife and a piece of paper. Put an adequate amount of wallpaper paste on it. After that, knead the piece of paper averse to the bottom surface of the peeling area. Push the wallpaper against the wall. Move the paper along and wipe the bubbles it will produce with a clean cloth.

  1. Easy Fixes on Clogged Toilet

When solving a problem on a clogged toilet, you can make use of a toilet plunger. A toilet plunger has an enlarged flange at the end of it. The purpose of this is to seal the surrounding edge when you are pumping the toilet. It is used to effectively clear a blockage. However, if a toilet plunger does not work in your case, you may use an auger.

  1. Dirty Windows

Fussing about your super dirty windows at home? You need not worry. With the help of dishwashing soap, you can effectively give a shining, shimmering glam to your window. Grab some dishwashing soap in your kitchen and mix it with an adequate amount of water in a bucket. Use a squeegee to wipe that dirt and grime on your window.

If there are broken parts, you will have to exert more effort. Grab some gloves and remove the broken part of the window. You can use a knife to remove the remaining sealant on the sides. Measure your window and go to the nearest local window shop or hardware to replace the broken piece.

  1. Learn Some Basic Welding Skills as Possible

There are times when welding is needed. For instance, when home fixes require you to join sheets, wires, and various electrical components. For those beginner welders, always remember the safety protocols and proper welding procedures before using a welding torch, especially when doing tungsten inert gas welding.

When using equipment like a welding torch, always remember to wear protective gear in order to avoid face burns and to protect the eyes. Also, make sure that you are working in a well-ventilated area to reduce the amount of toxic vapor that you inhale while being exposed to it.


Knowing some basic home repairs is crucial as a homeowner or a tenant. It will not only cut costs but it will also help you become a better homeowner. Thus, even if doing it yourself may not be ideal, it will teach you many things, especially on being a wise and responsible person. In many ways, it can also save the days and nights you spend at home and make your time with your loved ones meaningful.AA




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