How to Create the Most Accurate Audience Persona

An audience persona is a document with attributes of potential customers. It usually includes details such as age, gender, interests, spending capacity, and living area. This helps businesses focus their marketing effort at the right people and get a better return on investment. If personas are incorrect, all their investment would be wasted on the wrong resources. Here I have shared how to create an accurate audience persona for your business.

Do Market Research

It all starts when you explore the market. This is an important phase when building a business plan too. You see the supply and demand and analyze the people who demand what you offer. These people are broken down in categories for more than one persona if they are too different from each other.

See What Your Competitors are Doing

The most common and easiest way to build the foundation for your business is to copy competitors. They have already gone through all that you are doing now. You can see who they are targeting and what tools they are using. This will at least guide you in the right direction where you will find correct answers to your questions.

Conduct Surveys

Surveys have become very common to collect data. Many companies hire surveyors to gather data about their target audience. As your audience is the one filling those forms, you can rest assured that this data is accurate. You can also use your existing customers and have them fill forms describing themselves.

Gather Data from the Website

You get a lot of data about your audience from your own website. You should also integrate a geolocation API to save the location of the visitors. See who visited and stayed on your websites, how many of them became converted to lead and then customers. Use this data to further upgrade your audience personas.

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