How Motor Cyclists Can Avoid or Sustain Accidents?


If you love to ride a motorcycle just like us, or are just starting your motorcycle journey, then this article will definitely come in handy. It’s important to learn to sustain or avoid accidents. This guide will help make your motorcycle travel safer and with less hassle.

Among motorcyclists, there are those who have already dropped their motorcycles and those who have yet to do so. Of course, you should try in every possible way to prevent this from happening, but if it does happen, and it probably will, then it’s okay. It’s recommended to contact a quality lawyer like Seattle personal injury attorneys to avoid any fuss.

In this situation, it is worthwhile to immediately lift the motorcycle and check all fluids at the time of leakage and wipe off if this happens. Here are several rules and tricks for dealing with extreme situations:

1) Learn to brake hard in safe mode

Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun, but it is also very dangerous. Even if you are the most careful driver, you will not become invisible and will not protect yourself from other “mad” drivers on the road.

One day you will have to break very hard and hard on the motorcycle, and if you practice this beforehand, then the chances of salvation in a dangerous situation will be much greater.

2) Learn the art of safe folding

As we noted earlier, even ideal drivers cannot become invisible and avoid meeting fewer ideal drivers. That is why sometimes you have no more than 5 seconds to decide how to fold safely.

Learning to swerve correctly on the road is an art, so practice in a controlled environment so you can swerve more confidently and safely in unexpected situations.

3) Make sure you are in sight of other road users

You are not invisible, but you can easily become invisible to other drivers, especially motorists who are unlikely to think about the motorcyclist when changing lanes. Therefore, you need to drive in such a way as to avoid the blind spots of drivers, maintain the correct distance with the vehicles driving in front.

Do not forget about reflective elements, which significantly increase passive safety. In case you run into an accident in Seattle, contacting a Motorcycle accident lawyer near Seattle would be the right decision.

4) Never drive in the center

Even if the road is clear enough, never drive in the center of the road. You should stick to either the right or the left line.

Otherwise, you will double your chances of a collision, as there are two lines of uniformed drivers on your way. And by sticking to one side, only the adjacent line threatens you.

5) Don’t go behind loaded trucks

We do not recommend driving behind loaded trucks. Very often they throw out various little things from the car, which can get into you. Another nuisance that awaits you if you are driving behind loaded trucks is the terrible rattling sound of things.

Never trust other people that everything is well fixed. At high speeds, it is best to keep a safe distance from trucks and vehicles with trailers.

6) Think over a contingency plan in case of breakdown

It doesn’t matter how new or old your motorcycle is, at one point it can break down at the most unexpected moment and unlikely place. It’s better to be ready for such situations.

Check whether you can ride a motorcycle to the nearest service, or call the emergency service, perhaps your insurance is valid in such situations. If you live in Seattle, the best way is to search for “Seattle lawyer near me” to avoid any further issues with your damages and insurance, etc. You need to think about all this in advance so that later it is useless not to panic and spoil your nerves.

7) Carry a small repair kit with you

Our next recommendation for novice bikers is to always carry the minimum set of tools for repairing your motorcycle. Trust me, a small kit can save you a lot of money for a long trip. Of course, some people do not want to get their hands dirty and burden themselves with additional loads, or they are afraid to climb to the motorcycle without a master.

Bottom Line

The good news is that motorcycles are pretty simple and understandable, much more understandable than cars. Hence, if you follow the ways to protect yourself you will be fine. Happy bike riding!




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