How to choose and stick on the electronic dartboard

Electronic Dart Boards have increased in popularity over the years. They often use soft-tip darts, which are safer for children, and many of them even save the score for you. Choosing an electronic dart board is easy if you know the features that are important to you before you buy. You can also Navigate Here for the best dart board in the market.


  • Establish a budget for how much you are willing to spend on an electronic dart board. Electronic Dart Boards can be found from around $ 20 to over $ 100. Consider how you plan to use the darts when deciding how much to spend on it. If it is only for children to play with, more expensive electronic darts may not need it.
  • Decide if you want just darts, or if you want one that comes built into a cabinet. The cabinet adds more money to your purchase, especially if it is built with high-quality wood.
  • Choose between soft-tip darts and steel-tip darts. Most electronic dart boards come with soft-tip darts. These are safer for children, but they can sometimes break and they won’t always stick to the darts when thrown. Recently, companies like Halex have started making electronic darts that have steel tip darts. This gives a player the advantages of a steel-tipped dart with the scoring capabilities of an electronic board.
  • Select an electronic dart board with scoring features that best suit you. There are many types of dart games that can be played, but not all electronic boards are set up to count the scores in all of these games. Also, some electronic cards include an automated voice that announces the score and that the spin is how the game goes along.
  • Store your electronic dart board in the correct location. Chain stores usually carry the cheapest boards with soft-tip darts, but they have an electronic dart board that has all the features you want to look for online or at a specialty store.

How to stick darts to an electronic dart board

Targets are a common fixture in many lounges and sports bars across the country. Through the years, these boards have become more technologically advanced than previous cork board designs, incorporating features such as the bristle board and newer electronic boards. Electronic boards keep score automatically when a dart lands in a specific location. These plates often wear out from frequent use, and plastic-tipped darts will not be able to stay that way. Solve this problem by thoroughly clearing the board and throwing the darts correctly.


  • Unplug the board and place it on a flat surface.
  • Brush bristle brush the board with nylon. The bristles should be long enough to remove any dirt present between the plastic spurs on the board.
  • Inspect your darts. Bent or worn pointed darts do not adhere as well and should be discarded.
  • Support on the firing line. Hold the dart between the first three fingers and the thumb in the dart grip zone. Keep the dart parallel to the floor for as long as you hold.
  • Throw the dart with medium force, aiming the bull’s eye or your target. Keep the dart parallel to the floor as you throw and release it. This will send the dart flying straight and allow it to adhere firmly to the board.

Tips and Warnings

You can buy replacement tips for your darts instead of buying new dart sets.

Avoid using metal-tipped darts on electronic targets unless the manufacturer indicates that these darts work. Metal tipped darts can damage the board. Never throw a dart at anything other than a dart board.

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