How to Choose A Family Law or Divorce Lawyer


Family law or divorce is very personal and sensitive; these problems are complex. You may have questions about navigating this process and whether or not you should file.

Having a team of experienced family law attorneys at Jensen Family Law means the difference between adequate representation and a walkover for the other party. Selecting a caring and professional lawyer can be confusing, considering all the choices. Read on for tips on how to choose a divorce or family lawyer today.

Have Realistic Expectations from the Family Lawyer

A family law attorney is an expert in the law, but they are not miracle workers. You should not expect them to solve every problem you might have. Instead, try to work with them to get the best possible results for your case.

For example, if another person in your case does not want to cooperate, it’s hard to reach an agreement with them. If this happens, it can delay the entire process.

 Family law isn’t easy, and it can be very emotional. To ensure your case goes smoothly and successfully, you must have realistic expectations from your family law lawyer.

Look for a Lawyer with Family Law Experience

Hiring a lawyer who has previously handled cases like yours is your best bet for getting the best outcome. How long has this lawyer been practicing? You may want to look elsewhere if they’ve been practicing for less than ten years. An attorney with more experience will know what they’re doing and how to handle your case.

How many cases has the lawyer handled? If they’ve only ever handled one or two divorce cases in their entire career, it might be too soon for them to handle yours effectively. An attorney who has worked on many cases will have experience dealing with similar issues as yours and provide you with better advice than one who hasn’t had as much experience with similar situations.

Ask for References

When looking for a family law or divorce lawyer, it’s essential to ask for references. And when you do, don’t just take the client’s word for it. Check out their online reviews and see what others have said about their experience with the attorney.

You should also speak with the attorney’s former clients and find out how they feel about their representation. Do they think that the attorney was thorough? Did they get what they needed?

Once you’ve spoken with a few former clients, you’ll know better what to expect from this lawyer and whether they suit your case.

Interview Multiple Family Law Lawyers

You should interview at least three different attorneys before making a final decision. The more time you spend interviewing, the better your chances of finding the right lawyer.

Meet with the lawyer in person. It will allow you to ask questions about the following:

  • What is your approach to resolving my case?
  • What do you think about mediation as an option for resolving disputes?
  • How will my case be resolved if we cannot agree during mediation?
  • How much will my divorce cost?
  • How many years have you practiced family law or worked with clients going through a divorce?
  • What is your philosophy on family law?
  • Do you have experience with cases like mine?

Ensure the Lawyer Understands Your Interests

It’s tempting to choose a well-known lawyer with a lot of experience—but if they don’t understand your specific needs, they may not provide the help you need.

Ask them questions about their approach and how they would handle certain situations. For example, if you’re going through a divorce, ensure your lawyer understands how important it is to maintain contact with your children.

Investigate the Integrity of the Family Lawyer

When looking for a family law or divorce lawyer, you want to ensure that you work with someone reliable and trustworthy. When checking out your potential family law or divorce lawyer, ensure they have no history of ethics violations such as lying under oath or any illegal activity that makes them unsuitable for representing your interests in court.

You can also ask around to see what other people think about your potential family law or divorce lawyer and whether or not they have ever heard of any ethical issues with them before.

Finding a lawyer you feel comfortable with is critical. Doing so may require substantial time and attorney interviews, but it will be worth the effort. Once you decide on an attorney for your case, be a partner. The more information provided by you to your lawyer, the better the outcome of your case will be.




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