How to choose a Bicycle

Searching for a new bike? Different types of bicycles are manufactured considering different biking needs. Your own preferences should be taken into account when choosing the right bicycle.

To know how to choose a bicycle, ask yourself how you want to ride it. You may like tricks, races, or control

One more thing you should consider is the investment you’re willing to make. That means choose a bicycle that fits your budget.

Read the guide below for the best choice for your ride.

How to Choose a Bicycle: Things to Consider

Learn the basic types of bikes

There are various types of bikes available with different capabilities. Consider the place you live. If you’re in a town, select a bike that is built for roads. Mountain bikes might be more speedy for biking on trails.

Standard bikes are old fashioned featuring single speed and coaster brakes. Coaster brakes meant to pedal reverse to brake. Standard bikes are best for riding across obstacle-free city roads at the leisure time, not perfect for the hill roads.

BMX bikes contain cable operated caliper brakes on both front and rear wheels. BMX bikes are single geared and best for competition on courses or trails. Gearbikesreview site help you to find out the best BMX bike.

Road bikes are designed for good performance in commuting, fitness riding, racing, and touring. They are classified into racing bikes and touring bikes.

Racing bikes are lightweight. They provide speed and an aggressive posture to it’s riders.

Touring bikes are good for carrying loads. They also provide sustained comfort, durability.

If you’re searching for an aerodynamic seating position, racing bikes can be the best choice for you.

Mountain bikes feature compact frames, wide and knobby tires, and stable handling. The higher handlebars ensure upright position. Disk brake systems and sophisticated suspension can be equipped with mountain bikes. Their versatility has made them popular among any age.

Hybrid bikes are the mixture of mountain bikes and road bikes. Like other mountain bikes these bikes are not so rugged also not faster like road bikes. Hybrid bikes are great for commuting.

Cruisers are for casual riding like near the beach, cruising around, etc.

Calculate Your Budget

It is known that the price of bikes can be very expensive. The range can be up to thousand bucks depending on the features and equipment used.

A budget of a few hundred bucks can be enough for beginners.

The low range bikes start from $80 to $300. Low priced bikes are just functional and designed with basic metal frames. You’ll be able to find some stylish low range bikes.

Mid-range bikes may cost you $300 to $1000 because of their lightweight metal body. Aluminum made bikes are worth your money. These bikes are durable with their best quality wheels, pedals, and chains.

High-end bikes will make you count $1000 or more. These bikes are also made with lightweight metals like titanium and carbon. These bikes are ideal for daily use and small competition.

High-end bikes can be re-modified by different colors, wheels, and customized frames.

If you have a low budget but looking for a high-end bike, I recommend you to go for a second hand bike. Target an old bike of a cycling person.

Decide Between Price and Quality

The price of a bicycle varies depending on its material’s quality. For speed and commuting, road bikes are good enough but they can be expensive as they have good quality materials.

If you want more room to add saddle bags and baskets, cruiser bikes are the best.

If you need a baby seat, or a saddlebag to be mounted, check whether the frame is compatible or not. Some bikes have already mounted with these attachments.

Determine how often and how long you’ll use your bike. We suggest you invest in a higher quality bike if your plan is to go to work most days.

These bikes may cost you more money but will last longer. Durable but lightweight materials provide better performance and durability.

Make Sure Your Bike Fits You

For your touring, racing, or hybrid bike the right difference between the frame and your crotch can be around one inch. The difference should be greater for mountain bikes.

For ensuring the correct size for children is to let them sit on the seat and check if they can touch the ground easily and comfortably reach the handlebars.

Your children should have 25-50mm clearance among the bar and their crotch if they want to stand over the center bar.

Know the Gears, Suspensions, and Brakes

Another important consideration that you should take into account is the terrain you’re going to ride. You’ll need more gears if you’re going to climb hills.

For riding in flat terrain, you’ll need fewer gears to keep your bike lightweight.

Suspension is what keeps you suspended in a rough, and rugged condition. So, suspension is one of the must have features in your bike.

If you’re about to purchase a mountain bike, at least front suspension is very important. Full suspension it recommended.

Suspension is needed for control maintaining. Front suspension provides a smooth ride with hybrid bikes too. Road bikes don’t contain any suspension.

There are various types of brakes available having pros and cons. The most common braking systems are:

Rim brakes are simple and easy in maintaining. As the pads grip onto the wheel rims, they might not be effective for wet and muddy rims.

Disk brakes grip on wheel hub. They may be better for different conditions but complex to inspect and replace.

Coaster brakes work by backward pedaling. These brakes are good for kids but not suitable for biking downhill.

Drum brakes also work on wheel hubs. If the drum wears out, you may have to replace the wheel and hub.

You don’t have enough choice for brakes on your bike. So, being familiar with the brake came with your model is advised.

More Things to Consider

After choosing the bike, and the salesman adjusting your seat, it’s time for a test ride. Check if you can touch the ground easily, and the comfort posture.

Your knee will bend slightly when pedaling. If your knee is locked, consider your seat is too high and if bent, consider your seat is too low.

If your seating angle is not perfect, you may have stress on your neck, arms, and hands.

Check how your bike handles in different conditions like corners and hills. If you are still confused, test more other bikes till you find the best fit for you.

Consider investing in useful bike tools and accessories. If you’re looking to use a bicycle as a form of transportation, exercise, or a new hobby, you can get better at it with training. There are tools you can use to improve posture and most of all stamina.


Hopefully, you have learned the lesson how to choose a bicycle. If not, feel free to take help from the expert cyclists.

Don’t forget to purchase safety equipment when buying your bicycle.

A servicing is must after buying a new bike. Happy riding!

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