5 Reasons to Move to California This Year

The golden state has a lot to offer for everyone. With over 160,000 square miles of land, there are almost a limitless amount of opportunities for you to create an incredible life. If you’ve been thinking about starting over fresh somewhere, you should definitely be taking California into serious consideration. Pushing West could be the best decision you’ve ever made. With terrain and weather for all preferences, superior entertainment, national parks to explore, and clinics for all of your specific medical needs, you really can’t go wrong. Here’s a further dive into the top facts you should move to California this year.

Experience top-notch entertainment.

There aren’t many places you can have a truly immersive entertainment experience. The escape rooms in Los Angeles offer that kind of environment and so much more. You get to collaborate and problem-solve with a group of your friends or family, all while interacting with a storyline of your choosing.

From a pharaoh’s tomb to outer space, there’s bound to be a story plot that interests everyone. It’s a great activity for when people are in town visiting because up to seven people can play in the same room. If you have a larger party, you can split between rooms and have separate, exhilarating experiences. Just make sure you check the age limit before booking your room, as some experiences aren’t made for younger players.

Dust off your ears and get a season’s pass.

Some people can only dream of having access to the Disney parks year-round. If you live in California, you can make that dream an absolute reality. A pass can be anywhere between four hundred dollars and one thousand five hundred dollars, but if you’re planning on going frequently, you can certainly justify the expense. Just make sure you save up before diving in and mitigate the price of concessions by packing your own lunches and snacks. Get out there and enjoy that Disney magic!

It’s not too hot or too cold, but just right.

Just like Goldilocks, you might be looking for just the right climate and terrain to keep you comfortable. Depending on where you live in California, you can have exactly what you want. California has the beach, the mountains, and the desert. The state is so large that you get seasonal temperature changes up North and warmer weather all the time in the South. Choose whatever ecosystem appeals to you, because you truly have the pick of the litter.

Put on your hiking boots.

Living in California is an incredible opportunity for anyone who loves the outdoors. Of all the States in the US, California has the most national parks followed only by Alaska and Utah. You can hop in the car, take a weekend trip, and explore the stunning Redwoods, experience the geysers at Yosemite, or feel the heat in Death Valley. Let your adventurous side thrive in these protected lands.

Grow your family in California.

Putting down new roots gives you the unique opportunity to grow your family. If your partner and you have had challenges with fertility in the past, consider looking into Pacific Fertility Clinic. It’s the best fertility clinic Los Angeles has to offer. Their personalized plans and innovative medicine have yielded top success rates.

If you have questions about conventional IVF treatments, starting your family as a member of the LGBTQA+ community, or using an egg donor, Pacific Fertility Clinic will have all the answers you could ever need. Your future family is waiting for you in California, so pack your bags and move into your next chapter. You can find the clinic located at 10921 Wilshire Blvd Ste 700, Los Angeles, CA 90024 or even call for more information by reaching them at (310) 209-7700.

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