How much does a tattoo hurt?


Thankfully tattoo no more remained a taboo now. But the thing still restricting the majority of the people from getting it is the pain that one surely will suffer while having one. Whatever reason for you is going to get your tattoo. The only question that arises in one’s mind at that moment is Does it hurts? You might have been heard of various pain-filled horror stories related to this taboo. But one can’t imagine the same until he/she has experienced the same. How much does a tattoo hurt is surely not a simple question that can be explained in one-liner? It is that feeling, that experience that is only being understandable just by having it.

All most of us suffer from that phobia of having injections. You can just imagine how painful would it be when about 10-15 needles per second will be piercing in your skin. The process is quick enough to avoid puncturing the skin and slow enough to avoid tearing. It burns a lot. We can just compare the tattoo pain with that of cat scratches or eraser scratching. But we still can’t deny the fact that getting a tattoo is a uniquely personal experience. There are surely various factors that contribute to the experience of yours.

Which part hurt the least and which one most while having a tattoo?

Our skin is consisting of three layers and that are the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the upper segment of skint that goes on replenishing itself consistently. For getting permanently inked the needle needed to be penetrated the dermis layers. And for doing that easily happen, a tattoo artist usually pierces the needle about 1/16” of an inch. The pain you are going to have on while getting a tattoo depends upon the place you are willing to acquire it.

Areas with a higher fat density such as arms inner wrist calves and shoulders are less sensitive to the pain. These areas are generally easier to approach for the tattoo artist. And as the fat density is higher over these places and hence the pain will be less. These areas generally have very few nerve endings and more muscle and fat and that will further serve as a cushion for the needle.

Whereas, if we talk about areas with lesser fat density are assumed to be hurt more. The areas include ribs, elbow ditches, armpit area, and feet, etc. Ribs are the hardest part to inked on for both the artists and clients as well. It is one of the most sensitive is that being goes on consistent movement due to breathing. And hence adding on permanent ink over there is quite difficult to have. Moreover, one needs to be quite careful while being tattooed on the skin close to the bone. The area includes places like ankles, wrists, ribs, and top of feet.

How does it feel like while having a tattoo on your body?

It hurts while having a tattoo on one’s body. The query how it feels like while getting tattoo depends upon the way you experience the pain and the location where you get it. There is certainly not any scientifically approach to explain this term. But still, we are here providing you some points depending upon other people’s experiences. These are some of the most common general sensations one felt during getting tattooed. Burning pain, dull or background pain, scratching, sharp and vibrating much more words are being used to explain this pain. The experience may vary from person to person and the location where you going to have it.

How to control and minimize the tattoo pain?

If you are willing to have a tattoo, here are a few tricks that can help you a lot in controlling or minimizing the tattoo pain.

  • Get a break if it is hurting a lot while having a tattoo.
  • You can apply numbing cream before tattooing to reduce the pain. As it numb your skin for3-5 hour and significantly reduce the pain of needles during tattooing.
  • Make the selection of tattoo artist quite wisely. You can go through online reviews, and ask for your friends and colleagues about the same as well. The best thing you can do for ensuring yourself is to check out the certification and the equipment beforehand.
  • If you are going to have a tattoo on your stomach, try to do it empty stomach.
  • Just follow up on the instructions very carefully to reduce pain effectively. Avoid washing up your tattoo.Make sure to apply tattoo aftercare products regularly to reduce the pain and risk of complications.
  • You have to make sure to have asleep before having a tattoo.
  • Be gentle with your tattoo.
  • Alcohol consumption can thin up your blood and can cause bleeding and bruising so avoid it to have on.
  • Keep your skin of tattoo and near to it hydrated always. Make sure you will be drinking enough water.
  • If you are not able to bear it, you can use mild pain killers such as paracetamol as well.
  • Music is a great pain healer and hence you can experience this trick as well.

After getting tattooed, how long does the pain last?

It is one of the most asked queries when it comes to being getting permanent inked. It depends upon the location where you have got it. Yes, tattoo hurts, but it is not so much that you can’t bare of. You can feel that burning sensation or dull pain at least for four or five days. Further, the duration of pain may vary if it is being done on some sensitive skin.


A tattoo hurt, but not so much. One can easily handle and bare that pain just by following the tattoo artist’s instructions very carefully. We have tried to solve some tattoo related queries here. If you are going to have your very first tattoo, the article will surely serve as a great friend of yours.


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