How a NetSuite integration can transform your business?


NetSuite is one such service that streamlines all crucial business processes in a single system. In fact, with more than 40,000 businesses and organizations relying on it for their daily operations. NetSuite is leading the global cloud ERP market that is expected to reach well over $28 billion by 2022.

To better understand how NetSuite integration can help grow your business, the following is a list of some of the many benefits NetSuite integration has to offer.

Reduced human error and transparency 

The simplest of errors can cost a business its reputation, and every business owner understands just how vital it is to maintain and improve its reputation in the market to grow and thrive. While humans are much more flexible in their operations, there is no doubt that humans are also much more prone to making simple errors. And sometimes, simple errors can largely affect a business. So by automating daily operations, NetSuite completely eliminates the factor of human error and ensures the smooth running of operations.

Similarly, computers are much quicker than humans and can process different data much more efficiently and robustly. So when it comes to making decisions based on data, you don’t have to run around and take bits of data from different sources to create an image and later act on it. Instead, NetSuite does that for you, and you are provided with data at all times. Allowing employees to invest all that energy in the interpretation of data provided in making precise and timely decisions.

Quicker responses and improved efficiency 

One of the foremost factors that affect the growth of any business is its efficiency and ability to process data quickly and react. NetSuite allows the complete automation of day to day operations run by a business. These can range from managing invoices to arranging orders, to name a few.

With the automation of some of the most basic and important daily business operations mentioned above, it can allow for a business to manage such processes much more efficiently than humans. Allowing businesses to make the most out of their staff by deploying their attention towards tasks that are of higher importance. Needless to say how it can save businesses tons of money on hiring new staff to handle basic processes.

According to a study conducted by Nucleus, companies that availed integration services were able to boost their sales productivity by more than 12% as well as cut down on the duration of order processes significantly as compared to businesses that resorted to conventional methods.

Cutting down on costs

It is impossible for any business to survive if it spends money unaccounted for. Businesses nowadays are looking for solutions to effectively cut down running costs while boosting its productivity and services.

Another benefit that NetSuite offers through its integration services is that it greatly cuts down on running expenses. By allowing the automation of daily operations, a business no longer requires the installation of different systems to manage or store data that can be processed to keep the business running. Some businesses often have specialized teams that manage and run systems responsible for the day to day operations.

NetSuite integration solves this by eliminating the need for such teams. Drastically cutting down on daily running costs and occasional hiring. Allowing employees to focus on business tasks than handling data.

Increases reliability amongst customers as well as employees 

For a business to bloom, it is pivotal to build a trustworthy relationship with customers. Therefore to build a reliable reputation amongst the customers, a business ought to provide a smooth service with quick and accurate details. Employing NetSuite integration helps provide your business with a strong front for managing sales. Since all crucial information is processed automatically and quickly, customers are provided with instant feedback that helps build trust and strengthen customer relationships. Moreover, it can help process and streamline customer orders effectively, allowing employees to work with complete peace of mind. As well as account any special offers or discounts for the customers in the calculation of costs while making purchases.

Similarly, the comfort of trust does not only extend to the customer, but the employees also benefit from the integration. In a way that since all key business processes are automated. Employees from different departments of the business are provided with accurate and crucial data at all times that can be acted upon instantly to make quick decisions or to answer any query a customer might have.

Integration options offered by the NetSuite 

NetSuite has some of the best services to offer that can help your business run day to day operations smoothly and efficiently. As well as developing a sense of trust and reliability amongst the customers.

Following are some of the integration options offered by NetSuite,


Introduced in 2013, RESTlets are fast and specifically designed to return data as quickly as possible. Moreover, when it comes to making quick changes. Most applications require an overnight duration for the implementation of the logic. RESTlets are, however, capable of implementing the business logic on the NetSuite so as to avoid any disturbance in the user experience. However, while RESTlets are quick and agile, they cannot process large pieces of information and become very fragile when processing heavy data.


One of the most popular options that NetSuite has to offer in terms of integration includes SuiteScript. SuitScript allows for NetSuite to be integrated with different applications. You can use this option to maximize your business reach to potential customers. For example, by integrating with an application like pardot, which is a marketing automation program. You can make use of the data provided by different marketing campaigns to boost your business reach.

Public Suitelet

Although not recommended, the public suitelet is also one of the integration options offered by NetSuite. As the name suggests, the public suitelet allows for the development of NetSuite pages and logics that are however open to the general public. It is not recommended because anyone with knowledge of how programs work can edit and customize your program. Public suitelets have unsecured URLs and can make 50 connections at a time.

Web Services 

If you wish to transfer heavy data, you might want to consider this integration option. Although not as quick as RESTlets, web services can easily handle large amounts of data. Moreover, the integration is history is always available in NetSuite in case you find a bug. However, you cannot avail of more than 1 web service connection with a single license due to the one connection per license term.


As businesses grow, it gets difficult to track finances and store data through conventional means. Cloud services provide an easy solution to the issues faced by businesses in terms of data storage and maintenance of records by allowing them to manage all essential processes through a single system.




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