Ho Chi Minh City: A City of Freewheeling Spirit and Rich Culture

Slowly and gradually, the country of beauty and mind-blowing landscapes is catching the pace of becoming the hottest travel destination of South Asia. Can you guess the country? Bingo! It’s right, it’s Vietnam. The country with a proud history, undisturbed white sandy beaches, lush paddy fields, sizzling food, rich culture, and friendliest people. It’s impossible to cover the beauty of this diversified country in a single Vietnam Tours, so here we have brought to you one of its beautiful cities called Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

A brief lesson of history

Formerly known as Saigon, it is the most populous city of Vietnam was once the trading port city of the Khmer Empire. The city is now the home of sky-touching buildings, pulsating energy, a city full of life and happenings. The town had also witnessed the French colonial rule, Battle of Kỳ Hòa, and whatnot. Post-war, it had shown tremendous progress as a city, and now it has become home to the largest stock exchange in the country, headquarter of many international banks and companies.

Get ready for a weekend tour of HCMC as a part of Tours To Vietnam

Let’s start with the food first

It is said that the place is a paradise for a real food lover. The updated version of pho-noodles, Hu Tieu, is a real treat for the gastronome. This dish contains pork-based broth with rice noodles topped with the pork toppings is available at a street cart. You can even try this dish with fish, shrimp, or squid if pork is not your kind. This city deserves to part of tours to Vietnam.

Don’t forget to try its egg coffee. Yes, it’s egg coffee only, no typo error. This coffee is sweet and creamy in flavor with the egg yolk and milk. Another astonishing coffee blend is coconut coffee. It got tanginess of lemonade with the savory taste of basil.

When in the city, don’t forget to try the World’s Best Sandwich, Banh Mi. The sandwich is filled with thick meat slice topped with the veggies on the large bread slices. We advise you to go for the street option as the sandwich on the street introduces the traditional taste to your taste buds.

Cu Chi tunnels

Introduce yourself to the rich culture and wise architecture of the country with a visit to Cu Chi tunnels. It is a network of tunnels that connect underground tunnels, which were earlier used by soldiers as a hiding spot and a route for the supply of food, weapons, and other items during the war. The site allows you to experience the difficulty and stoutness of soldiers while crawling around the tunnel. Additionally, you can indulge in the shooting range, caged monkeys, and whatnot. The place is well connected with the major cities of the country, which is an additional bonus point.

Soulful escape

Want to escape from the mundane routine boredom and dullness, then it’s time to An Lam Saigon River. This place is meant for those who wish to stunning nature surrounding, relaxing mood and its a pure treat to the soul. Just 15 minutes away from Saigon’s Center, the place is the best to enjoy the beautiful sunset while sipping wine. Take a full-day tour with the dense riverside jungle, speedboat experience, a glimpse of crocodile reserve, monkey, mangrove trekking, bird-watching spot, and picturesque skyline.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Feel the lively and dancing locals at the Nguyen Hue Walking Street. The landmark is the public spot where locals come for walking, dancing, singing, socializing, and hover-board riding. The place got a 60m wide pedestrian strip with its Ho Chi Minh statue and colonial-era People’s Committee Building parallel to the side. This lively place is just 900 meters far from the Saigon River.

A bow to the spiritual places of the city

The city follows secularity by offering many religious places. Start the religious tour of the city by visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, a strong symbol of Catholicism church, Giac Lam pagoda is the oldest Buddhist holy places- a combination of Eastern and Western architecture. The city got only a Hindu temple- a temple dedicated to Mariamman, built-in the 19th century.

A walk to historical places

Start a walk into the past of the city with District-1 by admiring Reunification Palace as the place will take you back to the darkest days of Vietnam. You can walk here from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM and 13:00 to 16:00 from Sunday to Monday. Now walk towards War Remnants Museum devoted to the brutal effects of war on civilian life. The museum covered horrific pictures of children who were affected by war; the photographs sent a chill through the spine, helps in releasing the devastating result of hate and weapons. Moving forward, the beautiful structure of the Central Post office is a classic example of periodic architecture skills built between 1886 and 1891. When in the city never forget to visit Saigon Opera House, welcome visitors, with its gigantic gate. Build-in 1898, it now becomes the landmark of high profile events and cultural events of the city.

Get high with Bitexco Financial Tower

Visit the tallest building of Vietnam, Bitexco Financial Tower. For a beautiful and crystal clear view, head to this place. The 360-degree view from the 50th floor is beyond any word description. The shape of the tower is inspired by the national flower of the country, the Lotus. The tower serves entertainment as well as business purposes.

Come and Visit this Soulful Country

Do you know what makes Vietnam And Cambodia Tours special? It’s the rich culture, immaculate landscape, and beautiful people that leave a special mark on its visitors’ minds. Hire the service of an expert tour company to enjoy the real gem and authenticity of the country.

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