Guide To Understanding Alter G Treadmills, How Effective Can They Be?


Alter G treadmills can sound intimidating, but these advanced machines aren’t just for professional athletes. Alter G treadmills remove some of the physical barriers that make it more difficult to walk and run, such as high body weight, injuries and problematic joints. Many different  people can benefit from physical therapy near me using Alter G treadmills.

What Is an Alter G Treadmill?

An Alter G treadmill resembles a normal treadmill in most ways, but it features a soft-walled air tank attached to the bottom half of the machine. This tank is similar to a balloon and can be set to specific air pressures.

The soft tank inflates when the treadmill is in use. The air inside the tank cushions the lower body. The person using the Alter G treadmill wears a special pair of workout shorts that slot into the air tank and complete the seal.

Whwn the tank is properly pressurized and sealed off, and the effect of gravity inside the contained area lessens. The person running or walking feels lighter and more supported. Their joints take less stress with every step.

This is similar to a hydrotherapy physical therapy clinic, where patients walk on treadmills in a tank of water. An Alter G treadmill is even easier on the body, however. Water reduces the effects of gravity, but it has more natural resistance than air.

How Does It Help With Physical Therapy?

Cardio exercise such as walking and running is important for overall health. Increasing the blood supply to the legs and body as a whole can help speed recovery times from injuries.

The downside of using cardio for recovery is that it can be too much strain and effort for the patients who need it most. It also carries the risk of reinjury. Using an Alter G treadmill allows more people to reap the benefits of cardio exercise. It can also allow injured people to return to exercise and physical activity more quickly than they’d be able to otherwise.

Alter G treadmills also help with the psychological effects of an injury, major surgery or other adverse health event. Bed rest and a lack of exercise can negatively affect mental health, so getting light cardio in more quickly in the recovery process provides a helpful psychological boost as well as a physical one.

Who Can Benefit from an Alter G Treadmill?

Elite athletes use Alter G treadmills to train harder and minimize their risk of injuries, but these machines can benefit a wide range of people at all fitness levels.

People with unstable joints or life-altering injuries may be able to walk or run on an Alter G treadmill when this form of exercise would normally be too painful. People whose body weight makes walking or running dangerous or difficult can exercise more safely on an Alter G treadmill.

Where Can You Find Physical Therapy Using Alter G Treadmills?

A physical therapist near me can customize a plan that makes the most of the Alter G treadmill’s exciting technology. These machines can make you feel like you’re walking or running on air. More importantly, they effectively boost recovery times and overall fitness, improving quality of life.




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