Fun Bounce House Party Games For Kids – Check Them Out Now!


Bounce houses are the new trend in birthday parties throughout the country– and for a good reason! There’s just something so fun about getting inside an inflatable room with your friends and playing a game while having such an active surface beneath your feet as you jump around. 

But before planning the party, ensure you have enough space for it. A great way to start is to learn about different games kids can play in these inflatable houses. Here’s a rundown of five fun party games that kids can enjoy playing in bounce houses:

1. House Dice Golf 

The first game you should consider is house dice golf. This is a great game to play when the kids are all ages. You can divide the kids into two teams- control one team using a golf club and the other using a putter. You each start with five dice and two balls (if you want). The first person to make it across the finish line with only one ball wins!

2. Bounce Around 

Another excellent game for bounce houses is bouncing around. Sometimes called “bouncy table tennis,” this is a fun way for kids to be active while they play indoors at their pool party or another party. In this game, you’ll use two bounce houses. First, one is placed on top of the other.

Then, you just run around and try to hit the ball into your bounce house (and hope it thumps into the other one! You can easily order a bounce for your party from Celebration Party Rental of Jacksonville.

3. Jumping Frogs 

For a fun game, kids can play jumping frogs. This game requires two bounce houses. One is placed on top of the other, and the kids jump from one bounce house to the other. The winner is whoever jumps the farthest! Jumping in the air while playing with a toy makes everyone else laugh! This will be one of the most fun games for your party, especially if there are younger children.

4. Tumble and Bounce Races

Another fun game that kids can play in bounce houses is tumble and bounce races. In these races, kids race from one end of the pool to the other. They use their legs as much as their arms flying through the air to make things even more fun! Again, there are many variations to how you can set this game up depending on what your kids like.

5. Bubble Soccer 

One great bounce house game is bubble soccer. In it, kids will run around trying to kick a football into a soccer ball inflated by bubbles in a giant bubble bowl. These bounce houses are filled with air, so it will be like floating on air! This will be one of the fun games for any child’s birthday party! 


By having a bounce house at the party, you’ll be able to have a lot of fun and energetic party games. Bounce houses allow kids to play together but stay active within the inflatable room.




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