Frequently Asked Questions by Plaintiffs about Car Accident Claims


Car accidents are quite common. Every day, hundreds and thousands of car accident cases are reported worldwide. The victims will have many questions on their minds following a car accident regarding their compensation. When filing a car accident claim, the victims can seek the help of lawyers to clear their minds. A lawyer can help the victims throughout the process. Here are some of the common questions asked by the plaintiffs:

When Should I Get in Touch with An Attorney After a Car Accident?

After a collision, you should speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible. Speak with a lawyer before filing any claims with any auto insurance provider. This is since auto insurance providers—including your own—do not always act in your best interests. Your lawyer will. Your lawyer will provide you with advice on what information you must divulge and what you must not tell. Furthermore, after an accident, your lawyer will assist in organizing your initial medical care.

How Long After a Car Accident Do I Have to File an Injury Claim? 

You have one year from the accident date to settle your claim or initiate a lawsuit against the at-fault driver’s liability insurance provider. If you have uninsured motorist coverage, you have two years from the accident date to settle your claim or bring legal action. Your claim is protected once you file a lawsuit, so you can proceed with the litigation without worrying that it will be lost or time-barred.

After A Car Accident, Who Will Pay for My Property Damage? 

The insurance provider for the motorist who hit you is legally obligated to fix your property damage, get you a rental, and pay for the depreciation of your car. If you added collision coverage to your auto insurance plan, you could also demand that your insurance provider fix any property damage. In such a scenario, your insurance provider will pursue payment from the insurer of the person who hit you. When you use your insurance after an accident, it typically takes less time to get your property damaged and fixed.

If the Vehicle That Caused My Accident Was A Vehicle Being Used By A Company, What Does That Mean? 

It implies that the insurance coverage for the car will frequently have a large policy limit. The majority of business auto insurance coverage costs $500,000 or more. This does not necessarily imply that your argument is valuable. Instead, it means that you will have access to more insurance than you would have if you had been hurt by a driver who only had Louisiana’s minimum liability limits. Insurance coverage for company vehicles will often provide more protection than private liability policies that people purchase for their protection.

Will Payment of Property Damages Reduce The Amount of Personal Injury Money Available to Me After A Car Accident?

No. Automobile insurance policies in many states specify different coverage limitations for property damage and bodily harm. Therefore, the amount that is used to repair your property damage will not reduce the amount that is still available to you for physical injury under the same policy.

When And How Often Should I Contact My Attorney? 

A qualified personal injury lawyer will set up regular check-ins with you to provide you with an update on the development of your case and get crucial information from you regarding your medical care, general health, employment situation, and damages. An excellent personal injury lawyer will be reachable when you contact them, especially in an emergency. Additionally, you should consult with your lawyer before making significant choices that could impact your case, such as quitting medical treatment or having surgery.

After A Car Accident, Should I File A Workers’ Compensation Claim for a Work-Related Car Accident? 

Yes, generally. After your job-related car accident, workers’ compensation will regularly cover the cost of your medical care and lost wages (indemnity benefits). These sums won’t be paid by the car insurance carriers until the lawsuit is resolved. Therefore, it is frequently a wise decision to use workers’ compensation following an automobile accident when it is available. The settlement from the automobile insurance claim will include a right to reimbursement for the workers’ compensation insurance firms. However, the workers’ compensation insurer for your employer will only be entitled to 66.6% of the money it spent on your behalf. And keep in mind that in Houston, you can only receive workers’ compensation if you were employed when the accident occurred. 




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