Finding The Best CCTV Camera Kits And Surveillance Systems For The Workplace


Security, in both the digital and physical sense, is crucial for companies to deter would-be burglars and trespassers, as well as guard valuable business resources. Having a robust security system can help ease the pressure on security personnel and give business owners peace. Fortunately for businesses, the advent of IoT technology, apps, improved mobile connectivity, and cloud computinghas radically altered the security scene. The possibilities are limitless, and all can be tailored to meet your exact business needs.

Here are some features to consider when looking for a workplace security camera kit:

  • High-quality footage recording (can clearly show car registration numbers and faces)
  • Easy to install and use the companion app
  • Storage options (MicroSD card or Cloud)
  • Night vision
  • Power supply set-up
  • Two-way audio

When it comes to choosing the Best CCTV Camera Kits And Surveillance SystemsFor The Workplace, here are our top picks:

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 is an IP65-certified option that’s ideal either in or outdoors. This slimline weather-resistant model comes with various mounting options that can detect both motion and sound. The Arlo Pro 2 is very flexible and can be used for various purposes; it can act as an everyday camera in the shop; discreet night watchman; or as part of a network of cameras. Alerts can easily be sent to connected mobile devices and also supports Stringify, SmartThings, IFTTT, and Amazon Alexa.

Users can get seven days of free cloud storage for footage, but if you want to get continual recordings and monitoring in up to 4K resolution, there’s a package for you. It features a base station where users can plug in a flash drive to store footage. This surveillance system is modular, meaning that users can include new cameras in the network if and when be. You can acquire the Arlo Pro 2 as a three-pack camera kit at Amazon for $529.99

Google Nest Cam 

If your business is situated in a Nest ecosystem, then the Google Nest cam is definitely for you. This includes users of the Nest Protect fire and CO2 alarms, Nest Thermostat, and Nest X Yale Locks. The Nest Cam Outdoor and Indoor cameras are portable options for on-site security. This is for the budget-friendly user that requires standard security measures. The cameras record 1080p HD video footage. With the outdoor version, this footage quality is maintained during the night thanks to the all-glass lenses – this gives a clear picture if anybody tries to sneak in the darkness.

Both Nest Cam versions have inbuilt speakers and inform you if and when suspicious visitors or activities are detected by noise and motion sensors. Monitoring starts when the app has been installed and an account has been set up. You’ll get a 30-day grace period of free 24/7 real-time recording, but after which you’ll be required to sign up to access its full features.

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera

If outdoor security is a priority for your organization, then the Netatmo Smart Outdoor Camera is for you. It’s weatherproof and big enough to be seen by any unwanted visitors. It features night vision and is equipped with floodlights that can be disabled or enabled remotely or power up whenever motion is sensed. It’s compatible with Android and iOS, as well as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

Having a CCTV camera surveillance system set up at your workplace can make all the difference with regard to your insurance claim and overall security. Vandalism, abuse, and theft can make life extremely challenging for any business and makes surveillance a must, especially if you want to follow up with the authorities. To get reimbursed for what you’ve lost under your theft insurance cover, you’ll need to prove there was a break-in. Make sure to choose the right CCTV camera kit and surveillance system that fits your business.




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