Features of The Bowie Knife

As a heavy working and fighting knives, the bowie knife belongs to the true legends of the wild West. They first appeared in America in 1826. The bowie knives are named after the American James “Jim” Bowie, a legend in knife martial arts. Jim Bowie was infamous in the knife fight and became a legend, especially through his skill in dealing with knives.

The knife became known through Bowie’s legendary fight in the sandbar duel in Mississippi which probably used it for the first time. Bowie himself gained even more fame through this glorious fight, and the now world-famous Bowie knife was born. It is said that the knife was a gift from Bowie’s brother, a blacksmith named James Black, who wanted to make a knife with it, which could be used both as a combat knife and as a hunting knife.

Features of the bowie knife

Today, the Bowie knife is produced worldwide and still used by many people. With a total length of up to 50 centimeters and a blade length between 15 and 30 centimeters, the knife is ideal for outdoor activities, such as fishing or hunting. What used to be a popular combat knife is today used primarily as a field and hunting knife. Most knives are decoratively decorated so that they can also be used as a decorative element, a piece of jewelry or a status symbol. However, Some common features of the best bowie knife are discussed below-

Long blade

While looking for the best bowie knife, you need to look for the long blade which can offer you a precise cut. If you are looking for high performance on the bowie knife, get one with the long blade. The 11 inches knife can handle the cutting job quite easily. For cutting meat and separating bone from the meat, you can easily the bowie knife with a long and large blade.

Brass plated guard

The knife should have a brass-plated guard. Many might think the guard is just for showcasing, but the guard offers safety and protects your finger from the accidental cut.

Hardwood handle

The main feature of a knife should be its handle. The handle of the knife should be well protected and made with the durable material. It should be easy to hold. The hardwood handle offers many advantages to its users.

So, these are some features of a bowie knife. The main supplier in this day and age is not – as you might expect from the origin of the knife – a well-known company from America, but rather the blade industry based in Sheffield, England. A manufacturer from China, Paul Chen, for example, also offers first-class replicas of old originals, which are especially appreciated by connoisseurs and lovers of knives.

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