Explore SSL Certificates With This New Tool

SSL certificates need to be monitored continually; else they expire like yogurts. Most security engineers, site owners, and certificate resellers deal with heaps of information about SSL certificates.

Since finding info on SSL certificates is a relatively common practice, there are many methods of doing so. But the command-line techniques utilized by most specialists can feel very dated and difficult to grasp for newcomers. Forget the user-friendly interfaces and simple solutions we are used to in the world of modern tech.

That’s why more and more people are turning to online tools to save time and brainpower. In this article, we discuss one of these tools called CertDB. This tool was made by Spyse, a cybersecurity company aiming to give power to the people on the internet. With a friendly UI, a multi-functional toolbox, and all of it functioning in beta test mode, Spyse welcomes all new users to test out their tools for free. Now more on the tool itself.

Built For Pros – Easy To Grasp

Although this tool is built for security experts, it is relatively straightforward in use. This means that any grassroots organization or casual user aiming to implement advanced security features can quickly grasp and utilize CertDB. It lends itself to various purposes by different specialists, and here are some examples:

Site Owners

Attackers always hunt for security vulnerabilities on websites. Anybody running a website should be aware of this and implement necessary security procedures. With CertDB, site owners can easily maintain their SSL or TLS certificates, search for expiration dates, and renew them in advance.

Security Engineers

Security experts are on a constant lookout for vulnerabilities in their network. SSL lookup can help security engineers test the defense capabilities of their network and always remain a step ahead of attackers.

Certificate Resellers

This tool gives a great advantage to certificate resellers, who can gather lists of expired certificates and target website owners who wish to renew them. Resellers get plenty of useful information, like regions where the most certificates were issued, sorted by their type: DV (domain validation), OV (organization validation), and EV (extended validation)

Try All Spyse Services for Free

In addition to the SSL lookup service, Spyse has a plethora of tools united under one powerful search engine. These tools are currently working in beta test mode and improving with feedback. Here they are:

  • DNS lookup – Lets you find all DNS records by performing DNS lookup;
  • CertDB – As discussed in this article;
  • FindSubdomains – A tool for finding subdomains of any specified domain;
  • Portmap – A handy port checker that lets you find open ports as well as map network perimeters;
  • ParseIP – Simply parse a text or an image for IP’s and domains hidden inside it;
  • ASlookup – Explore Autonomous Systems and Subnets of any company in the world, including yours of course;

This is just a brief summary of what these tools can achieve. When used in a combo, they give a full picture of your network infrastructure. Also, these tools let you sort data with filters making the process of collecting mass internet data as simple as ordering an Uber.

Spyse complements newly registered users with 3 free credits, plus one credit each month. Feel free to try out their services.

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