Equipment used in bed bugs treatment


Bed bugs are very small, oval-shaped, brown color insects. These insects live on the blood of humans and animals. Bed bugs do not fly but can move quickly on the floor and walls etc. immature bed bugs, those are also called nymphs, remove their skin at least five times to reach maturity. In filthy conditions, bugs can develop fully in less than a month and can produce three generations in a year. Bed bugs bite at night when people are sleeping. They suck blood from the human body.

Everyone wants to get rid of bed bugs after noticing them. several methods can be used to handle bed begs. These methods are:

  • Heat treatment to handle bed bugs
  • Steam treatment to handle bed bugs
  • Chemical treatment to handle bed bugs

Several pieces of equipment can be effectively used in bed bug treatment. Best equipment must have the following characteristics:

  • It must be efficient and should produce less noise.
  • It should have self-contained heating
  • It would handle the heating system digitally
  • It would have a digital monitoring system
  • The best bed bug treatment equipment can eliminate all the bed bugs in one treatment
  • It saves your time and finishes all the bugs at the end
  • It would be discrete and we can secretly kill the bugs.

Some effective pieces of equipment are as follows:

  • Heat Assault Trailer:

It is big in size. Its weight is normally 6,500 pounds and built like a tank. It has an amazing track record. It is one of the most widely used equipment in the industry to handle bed bugs. It is the most effective equipment in bed bug heat treatment. Heat Assault trailer has the following benefits:

  • It has safe technology
  • All heating process happens in the trailer.
  • No need to introduce fumes and exhaust in the treatment area.
  • Consistent heat is more effective to handle bed bugs. Heat assault trailer produces heat consistently.
  • It is a stable heat-producing equipment
  • It is effective and can treat up to 6th floor
  • It has clean technology.
  • Its total output is 500,000 BTU/hr.
  • HEPA vacuum:

Although the vacuum is a better way to avoid bed bugs, it cannot help to handle it alone. Bed bugs can hide in different places. The high powered vacuum can reach these hidden places. It is effective to remove bed bugs, bed bugs eggs, adults, and nymphs physically. To further impact the population of bed bugs, some other methods can be used.

This is the most effective in the areas:

Bed frames and Window Sills, where angles and curve areas are more challenging.

It is also effective in mattresses and couches

Baseboards and carpets

  • Steaming Equipment:

A steam treatment with steam equipment is also effective. Steam can affect bed bugs on a great deal. The steamer is effective as bugs can hide in different places.

Treatment areas for steaming equipment:

  • Effective in curtains and Drapers
  • Mattresses and couches
  • Baseboards and carpets

Conventional equipment:

Some conventional equipment can also be used to effectively handle bed bugs. It might help to protect residents, families, pets, and homes.




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