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Are you a DIY project lover that will take on any task with all of the tools? Or maybe you are just thinking about some DIY home renovation that you can conquer and you’re really not sure where to start. 

You would be surprised to know that there are a lot of DIY renovation options that are pretty simple to do. If you have the right tools on hand, you can do any DIY home renovation that you put your mind to! 

Don’t get us wrong, there are some jobs that remain appropriate to call in the experts but we wholeheartedly believe there are plenty of things you can accomplish on your own, with the right tools! 

Follow along with us as we cover some basic tools that can do a lot for DIY home renovation. 

Measuring Tape

Nearly any project you could possibly think of will require that you have a measuring tape available. If you plan to tackle even the simplest of DIY projects, you need a reliable tape measure and you need one that will be efficient and effective. 

If your tape measure is weak and bends easily, it might be time to find a new one! You want a sturdy and durable tape measure. You also will want a tape measure that has the stop switch on it so you can hold your place if you need to. 

If you don’t have these basic features of a tape measure, we absolutely recommend that you consider purchasing a new one. Tape measures are an affordable tool and you can find all sorts of styles and lengths. 

You might even want to check the measurement markings and be sure that it has the markings you want to be able to use. Are 1/8 markings good or do you want 1/16? These are just things to consider. 


If you’re going to start some DIY renovations, you can pretty much guarantee that you will need a drill! We recommend a cordless drill because it’s just so much more convenient and versatile but it’s really up to you. 

This is another important tool that no DIY project should go without. Almost any project you could dream up will at some point require a drill in order to reach completion. Drills also have a lot of different functionalities. Many of them have other attachments that can be used and drill bits can be used for things besides just placing screws. 

Saw / Hack Saw

Next, we recommend having a saw or hack saw on hand for your DIY home renovation projects. Even if you just want to take on some fun DIY projects, there are a ton of DIY hack saw projects out there that will put that saw to use. 

For simple things like cutting wood or possibly even cutting pipe and wires, a hack saw can do a lot. These are great for simple cutting needs and they are often easy to use to get the job done as well. 

If you really want to go big, you can also add a circular or table saw to your list of renovation tools. These offer some additional versatility and power. They aren’t for everyone but they could sure come in handy if you’re cutting wood for your project! 

We definitely recommend you invest in a hack saw or hand saw. Whether or not you choose to invest in a table saw or circular saw may depend on the scope of your DIY renovation and how much woodwork or cutting might be involved in the process.


It seems so simple and yet you would be amazed how many people don’t have a good pair of pliers on hand when they set out working on DIY projects. Pliers can be quite handy to conquer any number of tasks. 

There are also several different types of pliers. Here are some of the most common options you might see. 

  • Needle-nosed pliers
  • Slip joint pliers
  • Arc joint or tongue & groove pliers 
  • Vise grip pliers

If you do nothing else, we recommend that you go for the needle-nosed pliers. They can reach into tight places but they can also help hold small things. You may not realize their worth when you’re just mapping out your project but this is an affordable tool and one that should absolutely be on your list! 

Square & Level

Get yourself a square or a level, or maybe even both. When you’re hanging things or lining things up, these are essential! You can find quick squares that may look confusing at first but they are really very simple to follow. You can even Google basic instructions on using them. 

Both a square and a level have a lot of value in a DIY home renovation. You will need to make sure things line up properly and are level as you go. Having something not square or level could cause problems with things fitting properly and measurements or lining up parts and pieces along the way. 

Can you imagine a floor that isn’t level and what kind of ramifications there could be to that?

Duct Tape

You can laugh all that you want to about this recommendation but we will stand by it to the bitter end. Every construction and renovation company out there always has duct tape in their toolboxes. This tool exists for a reason and we can almost guarantee you will come across a time in your DIY home renovation that you will absolutely say “grab the duct tape!”

It’s cheap and it can come in really handy fixing or holding things beneath the surface. So add this to your list or you may just find yourself back at the store trying to pick up a roll in the middle of the project. 


No matter what your DIY home renovation is going to consist of, we recommend that you make a list of tools that can come and handy and just go ahead and stock up. Even if you just go with the basic items like measuring tape, pliers, square, and duct tape, you will be better equipped and ready to conquer your projects! 

What are you renovating first?




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