Difference between synthetic and natural hair wigs


When picking a wig, it is mostly hard and challenging to find a point, to begin with. With heaps of colors, styles, wig types, and brands, choosing a wig as a beginner is somewhat amazing. To select a perfect wig for the perfect event, it is indispensable to understand the difference between synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs. While deciding between a human hair wig and a synthetic hair wig, a lot of patience and struggle are required because it’s not an easy affair.

synthetic hair wig sticks to its original condition and style even when it’s washed. But one drawback which is associated with them is that you need restyling after every wash. Continue reading this article to know more about the difference between human hair and synthetic wigs.

The real hair wigs are designed from collected, cut, and plucked human hair; that’s why they feel, look, and act just like you are wearing your original hair on your head. The synthetic hair wigs are artificial and are hand-made using a unique fiber prone technology. Because of the up-gradation in technology, the synthetic hair wig industry is flourishing as these artificial wigs look and feel exactly like real human hair wigs. Often people assume and have a strict belief that natural human hair wigs are better than synthetic hair wigs because of the fact that they’re made from real human hair. But we believe that it is just a mere misconception. It becomes hefty to identify the difference between a synthetic and a human hair wig, because of the excellence of the fiber strands in the former case. We are not trying to justify that there lies no difference between both variations of the wigs, but good quality artificial wigs make sure that these differences are not visible.

The Pros of human hair wigs:

  1. Styling Versatility. A lot of human hair wigs could be styled, permed, curled, and straightened just like you style your hair. But before you experiment on any new styling technique do consult a specialist; he will better guide you on what temperatures are ideal for the type of wig you own.
  2. There are a variety of hair textures available in human hair wigs, a lot of textures like curly, blonde, straight, rough, shinny, and bouncy hair options are readily available.
  3. When taken proper care of, the human hair wigs are worth investing your money in because they will last up to two years, even upon constant use.
  4. The human hair wigs from wignice.com are much similar to the natural human hair wigs; you can flaunt any look with them at the comfort of your own style.

The Cons of human hair wigs:

  1. Do not consider the human hair wigs dead. They need proper and regular conditioning, washing, and stylish similar to the bunch of hair strands we are carrying on our heads.
  2. They’re somewhat on the expensive side because they are carefully plucked, cut, and harvested. A lot of attention to detail is put while making a perfectly natural human hair wig.
  3. While dying the wig a new color, it becomes a bit difficult because the wig won’t replicate the same color as you need. Each hair wig consists of hair from many different people, so the natural hair properties of each hair wig vary.




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