3 Countries On The Way To Post-War Recovery and Progress

The countries that are poverty stricken are often the result of some kind of wars either civil or out of the boundaries. Such countries are extremely vulnerable because they were already suffering because of poor economic conditions and then wars just intensify these conditions severely. Even if a war comes to an end, this death and destruction often continues to exist. Furthermore, as it comes to post-war recovery, it is more about restoration and environmental sustainability. Numerous previously war-torn countries have made meaningful progress but some are still struggling. On this are three exemplars of modern war-recovering parts of the world which are striving hard to be free.


Citizens are devastated in war-ravaged nations, property is demolished, and sometimes even major markets are damaged. in such a scenario, government loses their money and services a nation manages to keep its public’s living standards. in Iraq, the people as well as state’s  representatives are trying to gain resources for the reconstruction to rise above all the mess of previous destabilization and unrest with the help of international aid. except from the war, Iraq has to strengthen its inner matters as in the permanent solution of corruption and instability of governance system. however, with the help and its own efforts, Iraq may rise again.

Central Region of Africa

The growing trend of deforestation and the illegal trade of logs is a major problem for the Central African Republic. The woods of the region are among its greatest riches and lumber is its main resource, but corrupt government representatives have permitted significant trade in illegal logging to take place, compromising forest survival and weakening rebuilding efforts. The nation revived an arrangement with the European Union in 2016 that allows the government to amend forestry policies and laws to stop the illegal in consideration for better trade negotiations. The regeneration of the country’s largest vital resource would alleviate after the war by raising its market profits, maintaining relationships abroad and providing restoration services.

South Sudan

The south of Sudan as a country is in the midst of attempting to recover from the  five-year social war of aggression that costs the deaths of some 400,000 people. Aspect of the widespread destruction this recession caused was the crash of the South Sudanese financial sector, when mobile networks or cell towers were destroyed, confidence in financial institutions degraded and unaccountability began to dominate the banking institutions of the state. Although post-war stabilization of the community, the South Sudanese government is trying to sort out stuff with network operators to set up a system termed as mobile money, where customers can transact from their smartphones rather than depend on traditional deposits and Cash machines of the state. This mechanism enables people to take part effectively in the Sudanese economic system and since study results show that having accessibility to banks improves economic development, the digital payment will be extremely valuable to the growth of South Sudan after the war.

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