Colors Attract Visitors Generate More Leads


Creating a successful brand requires more than simply delivering high-quality consumables and top-notch customer service. Knowing how to properly market and brand your business is essential in any market and industry. Understanding which colors attract visitors, generate more leads, and help with closing sales can be instrumental when developing your brand’s logo and overall aesthetic.

Why Color Schemes on Logos Matter

Color psychology plays a major role in a consumer’s decisions, even helping them to decide whether or not a purchase they are considering is reasonable. Color schemes are extremely important when it comes to building a business and developing a brand image for a company. When you think of popular companies such as Starbucks, Burger King, and even Nike shoes, you can likely recall the logo and color schemes most frequently used by the businesses.

A successful logo is extraordinarily powerful, helping individuals remember a business or brand using defined shapes and specific colors that represent your company. With the right logo, help potential customers to remember your business and brand while also having the ability to recall it at a future date if they are exposed to your logo again.

Color Theory and Color Psychology

Learning the basics of color theory and color psychology can come in handy when building a business, marketing a product, or simply attempting to generate brand awareness. Refresh your memory by learning about primary and secondary colors while also studying the basics of design and the importance of color theory.

Once you have a complete understanding of how you utilize various colors together in harmony, you can then dive deeper into the psychology of using colors for marketing purposes. While some colors such as green and blue are welcoming, friendly, and signify customer service, other colors such as orange and yellow may be reserved for more creative and fluid ventures.

When you become familiar with various colors and how they are used in both online and offline marketing today, craft campaigns for your own business and brand that are sure to stand out from the crowd. A few basic meanings of popular colors include:

  • Red: Red is used to draw attention. It is known as a show-stopping color. Red is also linked with sex, high-ticket items, and sex appeal. You may often encounter warnings, pop-ups, and last-minute promotions online that are decorated using the color red to help with grabbing and keeping your attention.
  • Blue: Blue is corporate, friendly, and non-threatening. Blue may appear professional, modern, and classy for companies and brands looking to make a lasting impression on users.
  • Green: Green can indicate money, wealth, and shopping along with jealousy, envy, and greed. Using the color green is optimal for storefronts, loan offices, and even nature or eco-friendly brands.
  • Yellow/Orange: Yellow and orange are friendly, inviting, and warm colors. They indicate creativity and an open mind, ideal for community managers and community websites.
  • Purple: Purple is royal and can indicate luxury, calmness, class, and high-ticket items.
  • Pink: Various shades of pink may indicate sensuality, love, and harmony.

Choosing the Right Color Scheme for Your Business and Brand

Choosing the right color scheme for any business or brand is a major decision to make, regardless of your existing or potential future competition. Without a great and memorable color scheme, it may be difficult for you to establish your business as an authoritative and trusted source of products, services, or information.

If you are unsure of where to begin once you start brainstorming potential colors for your business and brand, consider using the best color palette generator for more ideas. Using an online color palette generator is a way to use visual aids when selecting a color scheme that is right for you while also having the option to randomize the results each time you refresh your browser.

Understanding the significant role that colors play when generating sales and leads is imperative whether you own your own business or work as a marketer. Having the basic knowledge of color theory, color psychology, and marketing is a way to ensure you are on the right track once you begin promoting the business and brand you represent.




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