6 Tips to Have a Perfect Beach Day


Trips to the beach can be so much fun. Enjoying recreational and relaxation time at the beach with family or friends is something we all need. A day at the beach usually involves sunbathing, taking dips in the water and soaking up the sun in that lovely two piece swimsuit. To ensure your next surf and sand trip is perfect, follow these invaluable tips.

1. Beach Basics:

Proper beach attire is important for a fun day at the beach. You can opt for thong bikinis, or other swimwear like UNIKA Custom Swimwear who has the best bathing suits in Canada that are super light and summer-friendly fabrics. Moreover, don’t forget to bring sandals or anything suitable for hot sand or when going to a beach with rocks.

2. Stay Close and Talk with a Lifeguard:

Choose a beach that has lifeguards and be sure to approach them and ask about the weather and water conditions for your beach day. It’s better to be prepared and informed to enjoy your day on the beach.

3. Don’t Swim Alone:

It’s always more fun and safer to remain with your fellow mates when you are swimming. It doesn’t matter how fit you are for swimming, better to stay close to your companions.

4. Sun Protection:

Sunblock is very important for a day in the sun. Choose the sunscreen based on SPF. It’s suggested to not go lower than SPF 30 for a beach day, and people with sensitive skin should go for at least SPF 50. Moreover, if you have a plan go into the water, opt for water-resistant sunblock and reapply after every two hours.

5. Stay Hydrated:

Whenever you are under the sun for hours, it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated. Besides, it is simple to forget about hydrating yourself when you are on the beach, but you lose water and salts when you are utilizing energy in physical activity. It’s simple to prevent dehydration; drink water or other fluids like sports drinks to restore electrolytes and salts of your body. Moreover, it is better to pack a cooler with fruits like watermelon, grapes, or any other fruit with liquid content.

6. Watch for Flags and Signs:

You should essentially watch for the signs or flags on the beach and must also know what they mean. The signage or flags have colors, and those colors have meanings. Knowing their meanings will help to keep your family safe at the beach and out of danger. Here are the meanings of a sign or flag colors you should know:


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