Clear the very basic idea of stock market being a newbie?


This post is not an essay for you to learn to invest in the stock market. Nor will it give you the magic keys to invest in the stock market. In this post, we will clear the basic idea regarding the stock market which many people often misunderstood. When you finish reading this post you will know what the next step you have to take is, because it will surely come to you well on the path you want to undertake.

What is the deal with the stock market?

The Stock Exchange is the Market of Supplies of the companies. Fruit, fish, meat is sold at the Food Market, and in return, sellers receive money from the people who need that fish to prepare dinner. On the stock market, companies get money by selling part of their business, and conversely, investors lend money to companies by acquiring a part of them. Now invest your money in the stock market with Trade angel broking to get risk-free online trading under professional brokers.

How do you get into the stock market?

To enter the Food Market to buy some food for dinner you need three things – a bag in which to put the things you buy, money to buy. And, need the seller to buy what you need. In the Exchange, the same thing happens. You need a bag to put the shares you buy. In this bag, it is called a securities account. You need money to buy shares. For that, you need a cash account linked to the securities account. Need seller to buy what you need – you need a broker, a financial intermediary that sells what you need, or intermediates for you to buy what you need.

How much does it cost to enter the stock market?

Operating in the world of stocks has costs, specific commissions and each of these intermediaries will charge you a commission. The most common are the following.

Buying and selling commissions – Every time you buy or sell you will be charged for doing so. And it is a percentage of the volume you are buying or selling and with a minimum.

Custody commissions – Of course, you have to pay the one who is taking care of your actions, right? So you have to be very careful when choosing who you are going to work with.

Other commissions – If the company distributes dividends, if it makes capital increases, etc. For all this, they can charge you.

How do you get everything?

This is the easiest of all. The financial intermediaries are anxious that go into the bag. They know that the more they enter the more they will earn in commissions so the more the better. Once you have registered in any of these investment services, they will be in charge of providing you with the cash accounts, the securities account, and tools to be able to buy or sell what you need. In a week you can be working directly by investing in the values that you like the most.




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