Choose From the Best Designer Belts Available For Women


There was a time when belts were primarily used for securing your jeans or pants in place and for holding other accessories in individual pouches/hooks made for them. Back then, belts were majorly worn with suits and weren’t much popular amongst women.

But a lot has changed in the fashion industry since then, and so has the purpose of these belts. No longer are they used for supporting clothing only. But also have they become an iconic statement that can spice up your attire in unique ways. 

The latest designs and variations in these belts show how much appeal they can add to different outfits, from ethnic to modern!

To have a look at some of the top belts available for women, spare a look below!

  1. Buckle Belt

These are strap belts with a buckle on it for locking. The strap is usually made out of leather, or even a fabric like jute, cotton, etc. Leather belts add more luster and glam to the dresses. The buckles are often made out of shiny metals like aluminum, steel, and come in unique colors/hues like gunmetal, antique gold, etc. These designer belts for women can be sleek as well as surprisingly wide. The latter ones blend perfectly with dresses like gowns, frocks, etc. One of the many variations available to it is the Horseshoe Buckle Belt wherein the buckle is in the shape of the horseshoe.

  1. Skinny Knot Belt

Highly classy and modernistic, a Skinny Knot is another type of belt which is usually thin and can be tied in a knot. These types of belts are specially made for such purposes, and hence, not every belt can be worn in the same way. There are metallic ones available too in this category, only with the fastening made out of a knot-friendly fabric. Exceptionally versatile and elegant, Single Knot belts can be looped over jackets, cardigans, tunics, suits, etc.

  1. Metal Belt

Not only robust and durable, but metal belts can be effortlessly elegant when contrasted correctly. They are usually made out of aluminum or steel and are available in their natural colors, which generally match well with casual outfits. Not only in colors, but these designer belts for women have numerous designs to their shapes and come in plenty of sizes as well. You can buy the ones styled like chains, layers, etc.

  1. Corset Belt

Lace-up or Corset Belts are back in trend with a massive following than ever. Because of being exceptionally unique and appealing to the eyes aesthetically, these belts are must-haves for a casual outing. Although you must have usually seen them in black leather, they come in different shades, out of which white is gaining quite a popularity. Many people are also rooting for corset belts with suspenders which when worn over plain white shirts can complete the look.

The times have changed. Belts have so much more to them than playing the supporting character in the story. If styled correctly, they have the potential to steal the show. All you need is good taste in clubbing different clothes with accessories and in no time will you be able to create beautiful blends. From becoming a fashion icon in your college to effortlessly shining with confidence in business meetings, belts will hold you in no matter what the situation is. With these designer belts shaping your silhouettes, people will be left amazed and who knows, even you might!




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