Carpet Cleaning – Things That Could Damage Your Expensive Material 


Homeowners add carpets to their living rooms to provide soft support to cushion feet as well as for aesthetic appeal. Additionally, carpets, according to an article published in Forbes, serve as filters to collect and absorb dust, dirt, as well as allergen. Based on the findings of the Carpet and Rug Institute, people who clean their carpet with the help of a professional or expert every year will make it look good and home healthy. 

Then, certain things could damage your favorite carpet and if you leave the problem unattended, your floor runner will become dirty and dented. 

Pets dirty your carpet

Your pets are adorable but they’re not friendly to your living room carpet. Often, they have dirty feet and so adding to the wear and tear of the carpet. The greatest threat is pet urine. Though you train your Fido to urinate in the toilet, this isn’t feasible all the time. Therefore, you need to be watchful and get rid of any stains damaging your carpet. 

Dogs and cats also embed their fur on your expensive carpet. The carpet will not only become dirty but also make living unhealthy for you and your family. The solution is vacuuming to eliminate unwanted pet hair. If you have cats around the house, they will impair your quality carpet by perfecting their nails. So, train your cat not to scratch the carpet. 

Foot traffic 

With use, carpets are subjected to wear and tear with foot traffic as well. The damage is more on parts where there’s more foot traffic and not where the carpet is under a sofa or other furniture. The wear is usually found down major hallways and close to the doors. These parts collect more dirt, soil, as well as other debris. Whenever you or someone in the family walks over these areas wearing shoes or without, the dirt is moved and damages the carpet fibers. 

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You can try a few ways to slow down the process of wear and tear when it comes to the high-traffic areas of your carpet. Keep your runner clean by vacuuming every week. Don’t wear outside shoes and walk on the carpet. You may even reorganize furniture to change the areas that attract more foot traffic. 

Obstinate stains

Food and wine spills, coffee spills, and pet stains can damage the look of your carpet. If you do not take care of these issues quickly, the stains will become stubborn leading to odors, stiffness, and discoloration. 

As per Chiang Rai Times, Though domestic cleaning agents help in reducing carpet stains, stubborn stains refuse to go away. That’s why you need professional cleaning services to make your carpet spick and span. 


So, you know what makes your carpet dirty or damaged. Apply the solutions mentioned in this article. For more severe stains or wear and tear, get in touch with a professional carpet cleaning service.




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