Cancer Prevention: 5 Tips to Reduce Your Risk

Almost two million new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year, and hundreds of thousands of people die from their diagnoses. It’s terrifying to think about the statistics related to cancer. Thankfully, there are things we can do to prevent our risk. If you are diagnosed, not all hope is lost since millions of people are cancer survivors and groundbreaking clinical trials happen every year. If you’re looking to avoid a diagnosis, here are five tips to reduce your risk.

Visit Your Doctors Regularly

Visiting your medical professionals frequently is a great way to prevent the onset of cancer. Your doctors can perform screenings for certain types of cancers as well as help you understand how to keep your body healthy. Visiting specialists, such as the ones at NuLife Dental and Med Center will ensure your body doesn’t suffer from any dental-related complications. Poor dental health can actually lead to poor overall health. Your heart could be at risk if you fail to take proper care of your teeth. Keep your body in excellent condition by visiting your doctors regularly and getting screened for cancers.

Quit Smoking

If you aren’t currently a smoker, you’ve got a great start to preventing cancer. If you do smoke, now’s the time to quit. Smoking is the leading cause of cancer, and by exposing others to secondhand smoke, you’re also increasing their risk of getting cancer. You might already know that smoking increases your chances of getting lung cancer, but it can also increase your risk of throat cancer, mouth cancer, esophageal cancer, and others. In fact, as a smoker, your risk of cancer could be up to 10 times higher than that of a non-smoker. Do yourself a huge favor and quit before you find yourself diagnosed with this disease. Talk to your doctor about the best way to quit.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Doing what you can to keep your body healthy will help prevent cancers. Focus on maintaining a good diet. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink alcohol in moderation, and limit processed meats. Make sure you’re exercising frequently and keeping your weight at a healthy number. Your doctor can give you advice on how to reach a healthy weight and what diet would work best for you. Keeping your physical health a priority will give you a huge advantage when it comes to cancer prevention.

Get Vaccinated

Certain diseases can increase your risk of getting cancer. Make sure you’re vaccinated against these diseases. Contracting hepatitis B could put you at risk for liver cancer, so ask your doctor about getting vaccinated. Human papillomavirus (HPV) can lead to cervical cancer. Most children receive the vaccine against HPV around age 11, but if you haven’t gotten it yet, you can still ask your doctor to administer it. Keeping your vaccines up to date will help you stay healthy and prevent the possibility of potential cancers.

Limit the Number of Risks You Take

As with any efforts to remain healthy, you have to limit the number of risks you take. If you’re hoping to stay cancer-free, you should practice safe sex to avoid contracting HPV or HIV as these diseases increase your risk of getting certain cancers. Reduce your risk of contracting hepatitis B or C by not sharing needles with other people. If you already don’t engage in these risky behaviors, think of your own diet and exercise behaviors. Even something as small as skipping a workout or eating a hamburger and fries could be seen as risky behavior, so start to make smart choices in your life and reduce your chances of getting cancer.

With the right choices, your body will stay healthy for years to come. Prioritize your health and visit your doctor today.

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