Biggest Business Security Mistakes And How To Avoid Them


Businesses often make careless security mistakes because they do not realize how open they are to hacking. You must make sure that you have reviewed how security is handled around your business. Plus, you should work with a security development firm that can install the appropriate software on your machines or throughout your network. Use these tips to keep your business safe every day.

Trusting The Wrong People With IT Services

Remote desktop software is used to access the machines in your office during repairs. You can hire a reputable IT company that will handle many of your troubleshooting problems using this software.

If your IT company is using a secure remote access program, you are not open to hacking during repairs. Plus, you should ask your IT company how to protect other parts of your computer network from hackers, viruses, and malware.

Not Protecting Your Network

If you have a computer network in the office, you must have a security program installed on each machine. The security program will scan each machine to ensure it is not infected. Plus, a network security program will prevent viruses and malware from traveling through the network. If a virus gets into your network, it can be quarantined and eliminated by the program.

Not Safeguarding Your Public Wifi Network

Your public wifi network is easy to hack if you are not using security software. You must have a security program installed to prevent hackers from infiltrating your network through the wifi signal. Plus, you may need to protect the public wifi by forcing people to sign in and logging who they are. This is an easy way to collect information on the people who use your network.

If you use Bluetooth in the office, you must use security software to protect your Bluetooth signal. Bluetooth is easy to hack, and you do not want people to have unfettered access to your network because they intercepted your Bluetooth signal.

Not Securing Your Cloud

When your store information on the cloud, you can put your business on the cloud. You can put everything on the cloud in different folders for organizational purposes. You can set up the cloud to allow anyone to access folders in the system, but you can encrypt all the files so that someone cannot go into any folder that they like.

You also need to get a security alert system for the cloud. This system will tell you any time someone accesses documents in the folders you manage. You will know if the right people are looking at certain files, and you can collect information on people who have tried to hack your system.

Your website, documents, and big data are kept in the cloud where hackers could get access if you do not have a security program. Customer information could be stolen, and you need to decide if you want to maintain a log of payment methods.

Not Realizing Code Can Be Changed

Code on your website or in your system could be changed at any time, and you need a software suite that will send you alerts when the code is changed. If the code has been changed without your knowledge, you can go back and fix that right away. You need to use a security firm that will protect your website and respond to these alerts immediately. This company could work with your IT staff, or this company might communicate with you because you run the company by yourself.

Assuming Every Machine Is Saving Data

You must make sure that all your machines are configured to save data properly. If someone has hacked the machine, they could be siphoning data from the machine. You should check the settings on every computer once a week to make certain they are operating normally.


The security steps that you take to ensure that your company remains functional throughout the year. You cannot afford to lose data to hackers, and you should not allow gaps in your security plan to compromise your company. Work with a company that can give you the best security programming, and asks that company to send you alerts any time they discover issues with coding, the cloud, or individual machines.




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