Best NBN Plan for Gamers

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a fast and reliable solution for internet users including gamers. Modern gamers who engage in multi-player gaming online require high-speed connectivity to outperform their opponents. Even when gamers are not playing online, most modern gaming platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, PC/Mac, or even a mobile phone demand large downloads for a game and their patches or upgrades.

NBN for gamers

When it comes to gaming, whether gaming you are a casual or professional, there are several factors you should consider while choosing the right NBN connection.

1> Speed

You will need an NBN plan that provides faster connectivity to make sure that have non-disruptive gaming experience. In fact, connection speed can be a major factor when it comes to winning or losing online gaming. Apart from the network speed, you will need to consider the number of people in your household that will be sharing the connection.

2> Latency

Another factor to consider is the responsiveness to the online gaming, popularly coined as latency. The time is taken for your gaming console to communicate with others and vice-versa depends a lot on your ISP since each of them might have the latency setting tweaked differently.

Providers such as Tangerine and Harbour ISP can provide you with details regarding their settings that can help you put your best game face on.

3> Reliability

Another aspect to consider while researching an NBN provider is the reliability of their connection. Research a little about their current connections, outages, reports, and real-world performance by accessing the ACCC website.

4> Data Packs

Gaming requires a lot of data and if you are on a fixed data plan, you might have to keep a check on your gaming. Roughly you might require 100 to 200 MB of data per hour while gaming and GBs worth data for full game downloads. In such a case, it is recommended to go for an unlimited data pack.

5> Budget

Your budget plays an important role in determining the best NBN option available for gaming. Find out about various data packs and unlimited connection. You can ask the service providers for gamer specific plans that are tailor-made for your needs. Try to find out if there are long term contracts that can minimise on installation and modem costs.

Recommended Plan

To summarise it all, look for a plan that fits your budget and household requirement without hampering the network connectivity. It is best to find out reviews of providers such as Harbour ISP and look for any gaming-specific feedback by their current customers. Apart from the basic requirements listed above, enquire with your service provider about the type of connection you will receive for NBN. You will get the best speed and latency performance with a direct optical fibre connection and a little lesser with a wireless connection.

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