All You Need To Know About Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a kind of water sport in which wind power is used to power up the sailing board to cross the water. It was done by Polynesians for many centuries by using boards. However, the windsurfing boards used today were not designed until the 1960s. Today it has become a popular water sport. It is different from normal water surfing as instead of using the force of waves it uses the force of the wind to surf on the water. So this water sport can be practiced in any big water bodies like rivers, lakes, oceans or estuaries, etc.

Equipment required for windsurfing

Though windsurfing is gaining popularity among people who like adventurous water sports if you want to learn this extreme sport then you must know about the equipment and tools required for this purpose. Some of the equipment is used for playing this game in a real sense whereas some are used to ensure the player’s safety. Brief information about the equipment required to learn and enjoy this sport safely is provided hereunder for your consideration.

Equipment for doing windsurfing

The Surfing Board: An extended piece of the board on which the windsurfer will stand on is known as a surfing board. This board contains underwater daggerboards and fins, one or more. The length of this board varies between 2.5 and 3 meters. These boards are made of various types of materials like epoxy, expanded polystyrene foam, carbon or PVC sandwich, and fiberglass, etc. Large and heavy boards are the right choice for beginners but for professional and speed surfers lightweight boards are preferable.

The Rig: the combination of a mast, boom, and sail is called the rig. The windsurfer holds the boom and the mast used on the board provides support to the windsurfer. The sail is pulled up on the mast by using the uphaul made by a cord running from the boom to the base of the mast. The sail will use the power of the wind to propel the board of windsurfers across the water.

Equipment for the safety of windsurfer

Eelmet: It is worn by the windsurfer to protect him from any kind of injury, mild to severe, that can happen during windsurfing.

Sunglasses: The eyes of the windsurfer are to be protected from the light reflected from the water as well as coming directly from the sun and for this purpose sunglasses are used during windsurfing. These glasses can also avoid tiring your eyes due to consistent exposure to wind and sun.

Shoes: The chances of scratches and bruises on the feet and toes are great during windsurfing. A pair of shoes can reduce these chances considerably.

Wetsuit: Windsurfers can be comfortable inside the water after wearing this skintight outfit made of foamed neoprene. It also keeps their body warm and cozy.

Rescue Coat: It is a life jacket that windsurfers should wear while windsurfing to protect them from drowning, in case they slip from the board or they cannot control their board and fell into the water.

Where to buy equipment to learn windsurfing?

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