About Filter Media

Just about every industry requires filtration during the production process in one way or another. For instance, industries like oil, paint, medicine, juice, milk, beer, and water need filter media to ensure that the filtration process is according to the best standards.

Filter media fabrics play a huge role in ensuring that filtration production is done perfectly. If you are looking for a professional supplier of filter media fabrics, then Bonfilt is your best option. In simple words, filter media is anything that is placed in a filter and it changes the quality of the flowing water which flows through it.

When it comes to filtering media, there are three types that are available. These are mechanical, biological, and chemical. It is important to choose the filter media which suits your needs. Normally, all three types of filter media are recommended. For an aquarium, mechanical and biological filters are the minimum requirement.

The components for the media types can be used in the same filter. Three different media types are utilized by the three types of filtration for performing their respective functions. This post will provide you with a greater understanding of the filter media types.

Mechanical Media

The components are inert for the mechanical media. It means that they would not interfere with the water chemistry. The main purpose of this media type is to strain solids from the water that flows through physically or mechanically. It is vital for the biological media’s efficiency. The mechanical filtration helps remove those tiny unsightly particles such as dust, uneaten food, sludge or fish excrement. In order to prevent build-up, one needs to clean the filter media regularly.

Biological Media

Biological media requires an understanding of the bacteria used for the biological filtration process. It is anything inert which offers housing for the beneficial bacteria which breaks down the dissolved solids into a much less toxic form. The food source of the bacteria is nitrate or ammonia.

As the water passes through the biological media, bacteria are able to extract oxygen and food. Mechanical media needs to be placed before the biological media because the particulate matter makes its way into the media which decreases the water flow as it leads to the bacteria dying.

Small biological media boast a great surface area and it is extremely porous. It is better able to accommodate bacteria for small spaces.  As for plastic media, it does not have an extensive surface area. The thing about biological filter media is that it houses natural bacteria that are involved in the nitrogen cycle.

Chemical Media

Unlike mechanical media, chemical media is not used a lot. However, it is effective for a wide range of filtering purposes. The filter media is available for various materials that help remove impurities.

The filtration process using the chemical method removes many of the dissolved particulates through resins, activated carbons, and other absorbents. The water quality is maintained with the help of chemical filtration media. Resins and activated carbons are the two most common forms of chemical media.

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